CD1: Original LP
1-North Sea Oil
4-Dark Ages
5-Warm Sporran
6-Somethings On The Move
7-Old Ghosts
8-Dun Ringill
9-Flying Dutchman
CD2: Associated Recordings
2-Dark Ages (early version)
4-Dun Ringill (early version)
5-A Stitch In Time
6-A Single Man
7-Broadford Bazaar
8-King Henry’s Madrigal
9-Orion (full version)
10-Urban Apocalypse
11-The Lyricon Blues
12-Man Of God
13-Rock Instrumental (unfinished master)
14-Prelude To A Storm
15-Sweet Dream (live)
CD3: Live at Congreßgebouw,  Den Haag  (First Half)
1- Intro
2- Dark Ages
3- Home
4- Orion
5- Dun Ringill
6- Elegy
7- Old Ghosts
8- Something's On The Move
9- Aqualung
10- Peggy's Pub
11- Jack-In-The-Green
12- King Henry's Madrigal/Drum Solo
13-Heavy Horses
CD4: Live at Congreßgebouw, Den Haag  (Second Half)
1- Flute Solo (incl. Bourée, Soirée, God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, Kelpie)
2-Keyboard Duet (Bach's Prelude in Cm from the Well-Tempered Clavier 1)
3-Songs From The Wood
4- Hunting Girl
5- Jams O'Donnel's Jigs
6- Thick As A Brick
7- Too Old To Rock'n'Roll: Too Young To Die!
8- Cross-Eyed Mary
9- Guitar Solo
10-Minstrel In The Gallery
11- Locomotive Breath
12-Dambusters March