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Da quella 'grey area' di pubblicazioni non autorizzate ma -almeno per ora- libere di circolare, abbiamo a disposizione una manciata di copie di questo cofanettino che presenta tre concerti trasmessi in diretta da radio FM americane che a dire la verita' sono gia' stati protagonisti in precedenti pubblicazioni di questo tipo. 11 marzo 1962 'Folksinger's Choice' ad occupare il primo dischetto. 26 aprile 1963 'Studs Terkel's Wax Museum' sul secondo ed una scelta di altre sessions trasmesse tra il 1961 ed il 1965 sul terzo per un totale di 202 minuti. Qualita' sonora eccellente se rapportata al periodo preso in esame

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CD 1

Cynthia Gooding, a traditional folk singer, is best known for her time as a presenter on WBAI radio, hosting two shows, ?Cynthia and Sensible? and ?Folksinger?s Choice?, on which she interviewed Bob Dylan in 1962. Gooding was the ideal person to put the often reticent Bob Dylan at ease. She was a willing listener and was able to engage Dylan through her considerable knowledge of folk music. She had met Dylan on several occasions previously, going back to 1959 when he attended a party after one of Gooding?s Minneapolis gigs. As often happened at these get-togethers, a guitar was passed around and Gooding was apparently suitably impressed and charmed by young Mr Dylan?s performance. Although Gooding says in her Folksinger?s Choice interview that Dylan ?is one of the quickest rises in folk music?, at the time this show was broadcast, probably on March 11, 1962, Dylan was still pretty much an unknown. His first album had not yet been released and he had only just begun writing his own songs. Also, Dylan was still reinventing his own fanciful past. A past that would supposedly include skipping school and working in a carnival for about six years when in actual fact, Dylan graduated from Hibbing High in June 1959 and, if he did work in a carnival at all, which is highly unlikely, it would have been more like six days than six years!

However, far from spoiling the show, these tall tales only go to enhance one of the best early recordings we have of Bob Dylan. The show, which is interspersed with chat between Gooding and Dylan, futures 11 songs, three of them newly minted early Dylan originals. Folksinger?s Choice contains the only known Dylan performances of ?Smokestack Lightning?, ?Hard Travelin?? and ?Roll On, John? and features the first known outings of ?The Death Of Emmett Till? and ?Standing On The Highway?. ?Folksinger?s Choice? is therefore an incredibly important early document.

1. (I Heard That) Lonesome Whistle 2. Fixin? To Die 3. Smokestack Lightning 4. Hard Travelin? 5. The Death Of Emmett Till 6. Standing On The Highway 7. Roll On, John 8. Stealin?, Stealin? 9. Makes a Long Time Man Feel Bad 10. Baby Please Don?t Go 11. Hard Times In New York Town (Dylan)

CD 2

?Bob Dylan ? Studs Terkel?s Wax Museum? is a live radio broadcast from May 1963 by WFMT, Chicago. This LeftField Media release, a follow-up to their highly successful ?Folksinger?s Choice?, again features songs and truly wonderful interview material.

On the morning of April 25 1962, directly after the conclusion of his final Freewheelin' Bob Dylan album session, Bob journeyed to Chicago for a live club appearance and a radio interview. The gig, on the evening of the same day, was at a newly opened club called The Bear, in which manager Albert Grossman was a partner. But the primary reason for the 700-mile excursion west was for Dylan to appear on a radio show the following evening, hosted by the extraordinary Studs Terkel. Capturing the entire broadcast, during which Dylan is questioned and discusses with Studs his thoughts and ideas behind both the songs he performs and others he had written by this juncture, this CD contains a legendary event during which a 21 year old Bob Dylan also performs full acoustic versions of 7 self penned numbers. Across just over an hour of airtime, Studs and Bob chat like old friends as Dylan is prompted towards playing certain tracks from his then fairly slim body of work, but comes up trumps by pulling songs not just from his imminent second record, but including one from the album after that and showcasing 3 songs that wouldn't see the light of day on record until the 1990s. Serving both as a historic document of a little known event in the career of a true musical icon, but also as a wholly enjoyable listening experience that stands up to numerous repeat listens.

1. Farewell 2. Conversation I 3. A Hard Rain?s Gonna Fall 4. Conversation II 5. Bob Dylan?s Dream 6. Conversation III 7. Boots Of Spanish Leather 8. Conversation IV 9. John Brown 10. Conversation V 11. Who Killed Davey Moore 12. Conversation VI 13. Blowin? In The Wind


While Bob Dylan's career has proven fascinating to track at virtually every juncture, few could seriously argue that the period between his arrival in New York City in 1961 and his first forays into electrification on 1965?s Bringing It All Back Home- the era when Dylan developed at a rate unparalleled by any other artist in the rock age - remains the most scintillating, satisfying and dynamic of all. This 80-minute collection represents Dylan at his most fertile via radio and television broadcasts made throughout this astonishing era. The collection features songs and interviews from the 1961 folk Hootenanny at the Riverside Church, New York, just six months after Bobs arrival in NYC and before he had even signed a record deal. His appearance on Oscar Brands Folk Song Festival broadcast in October 1961, aired on WNYC radio, is then featured, followed by a second Oscar Brand radio show broadcast on WNBC in the spring of 1963. Two television appearances from The Steve Allen Show in February 1964 and the Les Crane Show in February 1965 - barely a month before the release of Bringing It All Back Home - complete this superb set. Featuring an eclectic selection of Bobs take on otherwise unreleased traditionals, plus a number of Dylan classics, this CD will surely remain the default collection of live Dylan during his greatest era.

1. Introduction (Riverside Church) 2. Handsome Molly (Riverside Church) 3. Omie Wise (Riverside Church) 4. Po' Lazarus (Riverside Church) 5. Mean Old Southern Railroad (Riverside Church) 6. Acne (Riverside Church) 7. Sally Gal (Oscar Brand 1) 8. Girl I Left Behind (Oscar Brand 1) 9. Oscar Brand Intro (Oscar Brand 2) 10. Girl Of The North Country (Oscar Brand 2) 11. Only A Hobo (Oscar Brand 2) 12. Lonesome Death Of Hattie Carroll (Steven Allen) 13. Les Crane Introduction (Les Crane) 14. It's All Over Now Baby Blue (Les Crane) 15. Les Crane Interview (Les Crane) 16. It's Alright Ma (Les Crane)


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