ArtistaTitoloSupportoData di pubb.GenereEtichettaNr. catalogoNotePrezzo
KARMEN,MICHAELNew York Rock1 CD11/23/2010WOUNDED BIRDWUND7020.2€ 15.90 
KEEP IT DARK1st Down and Ten1 CD01/26/2010WOUNDED BIRDWUB498.2€ 8.90 
KENSINGTON MARKETAvenue Road1 CD11/11/2008WOUNDED BIRDWUND7540.2€ 15.90 
KENYATTA,ROBINGypsy Man1 CD08/12/2008WOUNDED BIRDWUB1633.2€ 8.90 
KENYATTA,ROBINStompin at the Savoy1 CD08/12/2008WOUNDED BIRDWUB1658.2€ 8.90 
KENYATTA,ROBINTerra Nova1 CD08/12/2008WOUNDED BIRDWUB1644.2€ 8.90 
KENYATTA,ROBINUntil1 CD08/12/2008WOUNDED BIRDWUB2005.2€ 8.90 
KEYS,BOBBYBobby Keys1 CD09/03/2021WOUNDED BIRDWUND6141.2€ 14.90 
KHAN,STEVEEvidence1 CD05/20/2022WOUNDED BIRDWUND3023.2€ 14.90 
KHAN,STEVE / MOUNSEY,ROBYou Are Here1 CD10/28/2022WOUNDED BIRDWUND4005.2€ 14.90 
KINDREDKindred1 CD08/25/2009WOUNDED BIRDWUB1931.2€ 8.90 
KINDREDNext of Kin1 CD08/25/2009WOUNDED BIRDWUB2640.2€ 8.90 
KING,JONATHANHedgehoppers Anonymous1 CD01/22/2021WOUNDED BIRDWUND1013.2€ 14.90 
KORNER,ALEXISComplete Warner Bros. Recordings (2 Cd)2 CD11/01/2019WOUNDED BIRDWUND2647.2€ 21.90 
LABELLELabelle1 CD05/20/2022WOUNDED BIRDWUND01943.2€ 14.90 
LABELLEMoon Shadow1 CD05/20/2022WOUNDED BIRDWUND2618.2€ 14.90 
LARSON,NICOLETTELive At The Roxy1 CD11/12/2021WOUNDED BIRDWUND07736.2€ 14.90 
LAURIE & THE SIGHSLaurie and The Sighs1 CD11/10/2009WOUNDED BIRDWUB9268.2€ 8.90 
LAWS,HUBERTMake It Last (2016 reissue)1 CD10/25/2016WOUNDED BIRDWUND8850.2€ 14.90 
LAWS,HUBERT & KLUGH,EARLHow to Beat the High Cost of Living1 CD01/14/2014WOUNDED BIRDWUND6741.2€ 14.90 
LAZARUSLazarus / A Fool's Paradise1 CD07/25/2017WOUNDED BIRDWUND2044.2€ 16.90 
LEADERS OF THE PACK / O.B.C.Original Broadway Cast1 CD07/01/2022WOUNDED BIRDWUND409.2€ 14.90 
LEE,PEGGYLet's Love (16 tracks) (2016 reissue)1 CD10/25/2016WOUNDED BIRDWUND8108.2€ 14.90 
LINDLEY,DAVIDEl Rayo Live (2016 reissue)1 CD01/27/2023WOUNDED BIRDWUND6235.2€ 14.90 
LINDLEY,DAVIDMr. Dave (2016 reissue)1 CD01/27/2023WOUNDED BIRDWUND2161.2€ 14.90 
LITTLE FEATAlive In America2 CD06/03/2022RENAISSANCERENA740.2€ 24.90 
LOGGINS,DAVECountry Suite1 CD03/17/2009WOUNDED BIRDWUND3946.2€ 15.90 
LOGGINS,DAVEOne Way Ticket to Paradise1 CD03/17/2009WOUNDED BIRDWUND4713.2€ 15.90 
LOUDNESSThunder in the East1 CD10/14/2003WOUNDED BIRDWUND246.2€ 14.90 
MACONDOMacOndo1 CD08/10/2010WOUNDED BIRDWUND7234.2€ 15.90 
MAHAL,TAJSing a Happy Song: The WB Recordings2 CD01/14/2014WOUNDED BIRDWUND2994.2€ 21.90 
MAHAVISHNU ORCHESTRAMahavishnu1 CD06/18/2021WOUNDED BIRDWUND5190.2€ 14.90 
MANCHESTER,MELISSAIf My Heart Had Wings1 CD11/07/2006WOUNDED BIRDWUB2444.2€ 8.90 
MANN,HERBIENew Mann at Newport1 CD10/02/2001WOUNDED BIRDWUND1471.2€ 17.90 
MANN,HERBIEReggae / Reggae II (2-fer)1 CD01/27/2023WOUNDED BIRDWUND1818.2€ 16.90 
MANN,HERBIEStone Flute1 CD11/12/2021WOUNDED BIRDWUND0520.2€ 14.90 
MARSALIS,WYNTONBlue Interlude1 CD10/30/2007WOUNDED BIRDWUND8729.2€ 15.90 
MARSALIS,WYNTONTune in Tomorrow (Original Soundtrack)1 CD01/08/2008WOUNDED BIRDWUB7044.2€ 8.90 
MASON PROFFITWanted1 CD09/03/2021WOUNDED BIRDWUND1009.2€ 14.90 
MATHIS,JOHNNYThe Great Years2 CD03/17/2009WOUNDED BIRDWUND834.2€ 22.90 
MCEUEN,JOHNJohn McEuen1 CD07/17/2007WOUNDED BIRDWUB5266.2€ 8.90 
MCSHANN,JAYThe Big Apple Bash1 CD04/08/2008WOUNDED BIRDWUND8804.2€ 15.90 
MEDICINE BALL CARAVAN / O.S.T.Medicine Ball Caravan1 CD07/25/2017WOUNDED BIRDWUND2565.2€ 14.90 
MEISNER,RANDYAlive In America1 CD03/18/2022RENAISSANCERENA738.2€ 19.90 
MIGHTY LEMON DROPSRicochet1 CD06/10/2008WOUNDED BIRDWUB6993.2€ 8.90 
MITCHELL,KIMKim Mitchell1 CD11/12/2021WOUNDED BIRDWUND05001.2€ 14.90 
MODERN JAZZ QUARTETArt of the Modern Jazz Quartet2 CD06/09/2009WOUNDED BIRDWUND2301.2€ 22.90 
MODERN JAZZ QUARTETLegendary Profile1 CD03/17/2009WOUNDED BIRDWUND623.2€ 15.90 
MONDO ROCKMondo Rock Chemistry1 CD07/17/2007WOUNDED BIRDWUB9337.2€ 8.90 
MORAN,GAYLEI Loved You Then...I Love You Now1 CD07/07/2009WOUNDED BIRDWUB3339.2€ 8.90 
MOSLEY,BOBBob Mosley1 CD07/01/2022WOUNDED BIRDWUND2068.2€ 14.90 
MUHAMMAD,IDRISYou Ain't No Friend Of Mine!1 CD11/16/2018WOUNDED BIRDWUND9566.2€ 14.90 
MULDAUR,GEOFFMotion1 CD07/15/2008WOUNDED BIRDWUB2255.2€ 8.90 
MYRICK,GARYLanguage1 CD11/10/2009WOUNDED BIRDWUND8637.2€ 17.90 
MYRICK,GARYLiving In A Movie1 CD11/10/2009WOUNDED BIRDWUND7429.2€ 17.90 
NELSON,TRACYDeep Are The Roots1 CD08/24/2018WOUNDED BIRDWUND7393.2€ 14.90 
NELSON,WILLIEMy Own Way/ The Minstrel Man1 CD09/06/2011WOUNDED BIRDWUND4819.2€ 17.90 
NEON PHILHARMONICComplete Warner Bros. Recordings (2cd) (38 Tracks)2 CD09/26/2017WOUNDED BIRDWUND7844.2€ 21.90 
NERVOUS EATERSNervous Eaters1 CD08/11/2009WOUNDED BIRDWUND282.2€ 15.90 
NEW ENGLANDLive At The Regent Theatre1 CD07/16/2021RENAISSANCERENA2400.2€ 18.90 
NEW HEAVENLY BLUENew Heavenly Blue1 CD04/06/2010WOUNDED BIRDWUB7247.2€ 8.90 
NEWMAN,DAVID FATHEADMr. Fathead1 CD05/18/2010WOUNDED BIRDWUB2917.2€ 8.90 
NINE WAYS TO WINNine Ways to Win1 CD08/10/2010WOUNDED BIRDWUB9117.2€ 8.90 
NITECAPSGo to the Line1 CD11/11/2008WOUNDED BIRDWUB3756.2€ 8.90 
O'CONNOR,MARKMeanings of1 CD10/14/2008WOUNDED BIRDWUB5353.2€ 8.90 
O.S.T.Lethal Weapon (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)1 CD07/25/2017WOUNDED BIRDWUND5561.2€ 14.90 
O.S.T.Lethal Weapon (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)1 CD07/25/2017WOUNDED BIRDWUND5561.2€ 14.90 
OREGONFriends1 CD07/26/2019WOUNDED BIRDWUND9370.2€ 14.90 
OREGONIn Concert1 CD07/26/2019WOUNDED BIRDWUND9358.2€ 14.90 
OREGONIn Performance1 CD01/22/2021WOUNDED BIRDWUND304.2€ 14.90 
OREGONOur First Record1 CD07/26/2019WOUNDED BIRDWUND9432.2€ 14.90 
OREGONViolin1 CD07/26/2019WOUNDED BIRDWUND9397.2€ 14.90 
OREGON / JONES,ELVINTogether1 CD07/26/2019WOUNDED BIRDWUND9377.2€ 14.90 
OUTLAWSAlive In America1 CD10/07/2022RENAISSANCERENA778.2€ 17.90 
PASSPORTBack to Brazil1 CD10/14/2008WOUNDED BIRDWUND7158.2€ 15.90 
PASSPORTOceanliner1 CD06/19/2001WOUNDED BIRDWUND9265.2€ 15.90 
PATTON,ROBBIENo Problem1 CD01/26/2010WOUNDED BIRDWUB8157.2€ 8.90 
PEARLS BEFORE SWINEComplete Reprise Recordings (2 CD)2 CD01/27/2023WOUNDED BIRDWUND6364.2€ 21.90 
PEPPER,JIMPeppers Pow Wow1 CD01/22/2021WOUNDED BIRDWUND731.2€ 14.90 
PLACE,MARY KAYTonite At The Capri Lounge/ Aimin To Please1 CD10/18/2011WOUNDED BIRDWUND4353.2€ 20.90 
PLASTICLANDMake Yourself A Happening Machine (30 tracks) (2016 reissue)1 CD10/25/2016WOUNDED BIRDWUND1850.2€ 14.90 
PLASTICLANDSalon (2016 reissue)1 CD10/25/2016WOUNDED BIRDWUND2179.2€ 14.90 
PLASTICLANDWonder Wonderful Wonderland (2016 reissue)1 CD10/25/2016WOUNDED BIRDWUND2063.2€ 14.90 
PONTY,JEAN LUCAurora / Cosmic Messenger (2-fer)1 CD04/15/2022WOUNDED BIRDWUND6018.2€ 16.90 
PONTY,JEAN LUCOpen Mind / Fables (2-fer)1 CD04/15/2022WOUNDED BIRDWUND6019.2€ 16.90 
PONTY,JEAN-LUCLive1 CD01/22/2021WOUNDED BIRDWUND9229.2€ 14.90 
PURE PRAIRIE LEAGUEAlive in America1 CD04/27/1999RENAISSANCERENA701.2€ 14.90 
PURE PRAIRIE LEAGUEAlive in America - 19741 CD04/22/2022RENAISSANCERENA727.2€ 19.90 
QUINAIMES BANDThe Quinaimes Band1 CD11/11/2008WOUNDED BIRDWUB4096.2€ 8.90 
RAINBOW BANDThe Rainbow Band1 CD11/11/2008WOUNDED BIRDWUB4092.2€ 8.90 
RAMATAMRamatam1 CD09/03/2021WOUNDED BIRDWUND7236.2€ 14.90 
RAMATAMRamatam1 CD09/03/2021WOUNDED BIRDWUND7236.2€ 14.90 
RANK & FILESlash Years1 CD07/01/2022WOUNDED BIRDWUND3833.2€ 14.90 
RAY,DAVEFine Soft Land1 CD11/23/2010WOUNDED BIRDWUND7319.2€ 15.90 
RAY,DAVESnaker's Here1 CD11/23/2010WOUNDED BIRDWUND7284.2€ 15.90 
REBILLOT,PATFree Fall1 CD05/04/2018WOUNDED BIRDWUND1663.2€ 14.90 
RECKLESSNo Frills1 CD05/18/2010WOUNDED BIRDWUB564.2€ 8.90 
REGGAE SUNSPLASH '81A Tribute To Bob Marley2 CD01/14/2014WOUNDED BIRDWUND6035.2€ 21.90 
RENAISSANCEBBC Sessions2 CD06/18/2021WOUNDED BIRDWUND1001.2€ 21.90 
RIFF RAFFVinyl Futures1 CD08/10/2010WOUNDED BIRDWUB2108.2€ 8.90 
ROCKET 88Rocket 881 CD05/20/2022WOUNDED BIRDWUND9293.2€ 14.90 
RODNEY,RED & SULLIVAN,IRASpirit Within1 CD11/11/2008WOUNDED BIRDWUB6020.2€ 8.90 
ROOT BOY SLIMRoot Boy Slim & the Sex Change Band1 CD09/03/2021WOUNDED BIRDWUND3160.2€ 14.90 
ROOT BOY SLIMRoot Boy Slim & the Sex Change Band1 CD09/03/2021WOUNDED BIRDWUND3160.2€ 14.90 
ROXY MUSICAlive in America1 CD03/23/2010RENAISSANCERENA722.2€ 14.90 
RUSH,TOMClassic Rush1 CD01/27/2023WOUNDED BIRDWUND4062.2€ 14.90 
RUSH,TOMComplete Elektra Recordings (2 Cd)2 CD11/01/2019WOUNDED BIRDWUND7288.2€ 21.90 
RUSSELL,MARYHeart of Fire1 CD07/15/2008WOUNDED BIRDWUB3292.2€ 8.90 
SABICASFestival Gitana1 CD01/26/2010WOUNDED BIRDWUB7149.2€ 8.90 
SAD CAFELive2 CD01/01/2013RENAISSANCERENA283.2€ 21.90 
SAHM,DOUGGenuine Texas Groover: Complete Atlantic Recordings2 CD01/27/2023WOUNDED BIRDWUND7254.2€ 21.90 
SCRUGGS,EARLBold and New1 CD11/24/2009WOUNDED BIRDWUB3531.2€ 8.90 
SCRUGGS,EARLFamily Portrait1 CD11/10/2009WOUNDED BIRDWUND4346.2€ 15.90 
SCRUGGS,EARLRocking Cross the Country1 CD11/10/2009WOUNDED BIRDWUND943.2€ 15.90 
SEALS & CROFTSThe Singles A's & B's - 1970-1976 (2 Cd)2 CD09/03/2021WOUNDED BIRDWUND8958.2€ 21.90 
SEAT,MERCYMercy Seat1 CD06/09/2009WOUNDED BIRDWUB5600.2€ 8.90 
SEVERINSEN,DOCNight Journey1 CD11/10/2009WOUNDED BIRDWUND3407.2€ 15.90 
SHIPA Contemporary Folk Music Journey1 CD09/03/2021WOUNDED BIRDWUND5036.2€ 14.90 
SIEGEL-SCHWALL BAND953 West (2018 Reissue)1 CD08/24/2018WOUNDED BIRDWUND9987.2€ 14.90 
SIEGEL-SCHWALL BANDFirst Album (1966)1 CD06/07/2019WOUNDED BIRDWUND7923.2€ 14.90 
SIEGEL-SCHWALL BANDLive- The Last Summer (2018 Reissue)1 CD08/24/2018WOUNDED BIRDWUND9988.2€ 14.90 
SIEGEL-SCHWALL BANDR.i.p. Siegel-schwall (2018 Reissue)1 CD08/24/2018WOUNDED BIRDWUND9989.2€ 14.90 
SIEGEL-SCHWALL BANDSay Siegel-schwall1 CD06/07/2019WOUNDED BIRDWUND7924.2€ 14.90 
SIEGEL-SCHWALL BANDSiegel-schwall '701 CD06/07/2019WOUNDED BIRDWUND6562.2€ 14.90 
SIEGEL-SCHWALL BANDSleepy Hollow (2018 Reissue)1 CD08/24/2018WOUNDED BIRDWUND9986.2€ 14.90 
SIEGEL-SCHWALL BANDThe Siegel-Schwall Band (2018 Reissue)1 CD08/24/2018WOUNDED BIRDWUND9985.2€ 14.90 
SMALL FACESComplete Atlantic Recordings1 CD06/18/2021WOUNDED BIRDWUND6038.2€ 16.90 
SMITH,JIMMYKeep on Comin1 CD07/25/2006WOUNDED BIRDWUND301.2€ 15.90 
SMITH,REXCamouflage1 CD03/17/2009WOUNDED BIRDWUND5343.2€ 15.90 
SMITH,STEVE / VITAL INFORMATIONComplete Columbia Recordings (4 CD)4 CD07/01/2022WOUNDED BIRDWUND9999.2€ 34.90 
SONS OF ANGELSSons of Angels1 CD11/11/2008WOUNDED BIRDWUND8210.2€ 15.90 
SPHEERIS,JIMMIEAlive in America2 CD03/03/2023RENAISSANCERENA794.2€ 21.90 
SPIRITAlive in America1 CD10/21/2022RENAISSANCERENA781.2€ 17.90 
STALK-FORREST GROUPSt. Cecilia: The Elektra Recordings1 CD04/15/2022WOUNDED BIRDWUND4046.2€ 14.90 
STANKY BROWN GROUPIf the Lights Don't Get You the Helots Will1 CD11/23/2010WOUNDED BIRDWUB7529.2€ 8.90 
STANKY BROWN GROUPOur Pleasure to Serve You1 CD11/23/2010WOUNDED BIRDWUND7516.2€ 15.90 
STANKY BROWN GROUPStanky Brown Group1 CD11/23/2010WOUNDED BIRDWUB6053.2€ 8.90 
STARCASTLEVol. 5-Concert Classics1 CD04/27/1999RENAISSANCERENA705.2€ 14.90 
STARDRIVEIntergalactic Trot1 CD07/15/2008WOUNDED BIRDWUND7505.2€ 15.90 
STARZLive 19761 CD04/22/2022RENAISSANCERENA979.2€ 19.90 
STARZLive: Agora1 CD05/14/2021RENAISSANCERENA975.2€ 18.90 
STOOGESHave Some Fun: Live At Ungano's1 CD06/07/2016WOUNDED BIRDWUND5148.2€ 14.90 
STRAWBSAlive In America1 CD03/18/2022RENAISSANCERENA7060.2€ 19.90 
SUGARLOAFAlive In America (2022 remaster)1 CD06/03/2022RENAISSANCERENA0716.2€ 18.90 
SUITE STEELThe Pedal Steel Guitar Album1 CD01/22/2021WOUNDED BIRDWUND4072.2€ 14.90 
SUITE STEELThe Pedal Steel Guitar Album1 CD01/22/2021WOUNDED BIRDWUND4072.2€ 14.90 
SUPERTRAMPAlive In England1 CD06/03/2022RENAISSANCERENA755.2€ 19.90 
SUTCH,LORDLord Sutch & Heavy Friends / Hands Of Jack The Ripper (2-fer)1 CD06/07/2019WOUNDED BIRDWUND6044.2€ 16.90 
SWALLOWOut of the Nest1 CD07/13/2010WOUNDED BIRDWUB2606.2€ 8.90 
SWALLOWSwallow1 CD07/13/2010WOUNDED BIRDWUB2693.2€ 8.90 
SWEET SALVATIONSweet Salvation1 CD11/10/2009WOUNDED BIRDWUB5045.2€ 8.90 
SWEETBOTTOMAngels of the Deep1 CD06/09/2009WOUNDED BIRDWUND156.2€ 15.90 
SWEETBOTTOMTurn Me Loose1 CD06/09/2009WOUNDED BIRDWUND210.2€ 15.90 
TANNER,MARCTemptation1 CD11/11/2008WOUNDED BIRDWUND240.2€ 15.90 
THIRTY DAYS OUTMiracle Lick1 CD06/08/2010WOUNDED BIRDWUB2085.2€ 8.90 
THOMPSON,LINDAOne Clear Moment1 CD07/15/2014WOUNDED BIRDWUND5164.2€ 14.90 
TIMBERBring America Home1 CD07/07/2009WOUNDED BIRDWUB495.2€ 8.90 
TIPTON,GEORGENilsson By Tipton1 CD01/26/2010WOUNDED BIRDWUB1867.2€ 8.90 
TRANSLATOREvening of the Harvest1 CD02/27/2007WOUNDED BIRDWUB8296.2€ 8.90 
TROWER,ROBINComplete Atlantic Recordings2 CD01/22/2021WOUNDED BIRDWUND6033.2€ 21.90 
TUBESAlive in America1 CD09/30/2022RENAISSANCERENA775.2€ 15.90 
V/AAnn Arbor Blues & Jazz Festival 1972 (Various Artists)2 CD01/22/2021WOUNDED BIRDWUND2502.2€ 21.90 
VANDENBERGComplete Atlantic Recordings2 CD07/25/2017WOUNDED BIRDWUND5009.2€ 21.90 
VELEZ,MARTHAFiends & Angels / Escape From Babylon (two-fer)1 CD11/12/2021WOUNDED BIRDWUND6030.2€ 16.90 
VELEZ,MARTHAMatinee Weepers1 CD10/14/2008WOUNDED BIRDWUB7409.2€ 8.90 
VERLAINE,TOMCover - Expanded Edition1 CD01/22/2021WOUNDED BIRDWUND5144.2€ 14.90 
VITALE,JOERoller Coaster Weekend / Plantation Harbor (2-fer)1 CD06/18/2021WOUNDED BIRDWUND6031.2€ 16.90 
VITOUS,MIROSLAVMajesty Music1 CD05/12/2015WOUNDED BIRDWUND4099.2€ 14.90 
WALKER,T-BONEVery Rare1 CD05/20/2022WOUNDED BIRDWUND06483.2€ 14.90 
WEBB,ARTLove Eyes1 CD01/26/2010WOUNDED BIRDWUND8226.2€ 15.90 
WEBB,ARTMr. Flute1 CD11/23/2010WOUNDED BIRDWUB8212.2€ 8.90 
WHEELER,CLARENCENew Chicago Blues1 CD11/11/2008WOUNDED BIRDWUB1636.2€ 8.90 
WHITE,JOSH25th Anniversary Album1 CD06/09/2009WOUNDED BIRDWUB7123.2€ 8.90 
WHITE,LENNYVenusian Summer1 CD09/26/2017WOUNDED BIRDWUND435.2€ 14.90 
WHITE,MICHAELWhite Night1 CD11/23/2010WOUNDED BIRDWUB183.2€ 8.90 
WILK,SCOTT & WALLSScott Milk and The Walls1 CD08/10/2010WOUNDED BIRDWUB3460.2€ 8.90 
WINCHESTER,JESSEJesse Winchester1 CD10/28/2022WOUNDED BIRDWUND6104.2€ 14.90 
WINGERComplete Atlantic Recordings (2cd)2 CD03/01/2019WOUNDED BIRDWUND8186.2€ 21.90 
WINTERS BROTHERS BANDThe Winters Brothers Band1 CD07/25/2017WOUNDED BIRDWUND6145.2€ 14.90 
WOLF,PETERLong Line (2016 reissue)1 CD10/25/2016WOUNDED BIRDWUND6199.2€ 14.90 
WOOD,ROYSuper Active Wizzo1 CD09/03/2021WOUNDED BIRDWUND3065.2€ 14.90 
WORLD'S GREATEST JAZZ BANDLive at the Roosevelt Grill1 CD10/30/2007WOUNDED BIRDWUND1570.2€ 15.90 
WRATHNothing To Fear1 CD07/25/2017WOUNDED BIRDWUND2222.2€ 14.90 
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