ArtistaTitoloSupportoData di pubb.GenereEtichettaNr. catalogoNotePrezzo
54-4054-401 CD07/13/2010WOUNDED BIRDWUB5440.2€ 8.90 
707Alive In America1 CD11/11/2022RENAISSANCERENA747.2€ 17.90 
ADAMS,JAY BOYFork in the Road1 CD11/23/2010WOUNDED BIRDWUB9195.2€ 8.90 
ADAMS,JAY BOYJay Boy Adams1 CD10/26/2010WOUNDED BIRDWUB8221.2€ 8.90 
AKKERMAN,JAN31 CD07/13/2010WOUNDED BIRDWUND193.2€ 15.90 
ALBANY,JOEPortrait of An Artist1 CD03/11/2011WOUNDED BIRDWUB6161.2€ 8.90 
ALDA RESERVELove Goes On (2017 Reissue)1 CD09/26/2017WOUNDED BIRDWUND6079.2€ 14.90 
ALLEN,STEVEAt The Rountable1 CD06/09/2009WOUNDED BIRDWUB5053.2€ 8.90 
AMAZING RHTYHM ACESAlive in America1 CD04/06/1999RENAISSANCERENA703.2€ 14.90 
AMRAM,DAVIDLatin Jazz Celebration1 CD07/13/2010WOUNDED BIRDWUB195.2€ 8.90 
ARNOLD,HORACEETales of the Exonerated Flea1 CD10/18/2011WOUNDED BIRDWUND2869.2€ 15.90 
ARNOLD,HORACEETribe1 CD10/18/2011WOUNDED BIRDWUND3215.2€ 15.90 
ASSEMBLED MULTITUDEThe Assembled Multitude1 CD11/11/2008WOUNDED BIRDWUND8262.2€ 15.90 
ATLANTIC FAMILYLive at Montreux1 CD07/15/2014WOUNDED BIRDWUND3000.2€ 16.90 
BABYSAlive in America1 CD05/10/2019RENAISSANCERENA718.2€ 15.90 
BALDRY,JOHNBoogie Woogie: Warner Bros. Recordings2 CD10/28/2022WOUNDED BIRDWUND1921.2€ 21.90 
BARNABY BYERoom to Grow1 CD07/13/2010WOUNDED BIRDWUND7273.2€ 15.90 
BARTH,BOBBYTwo Hearts-One Beat1 CD08/11/2009WOUNDED BIRDWUND502.2€ 15.90 
BEGGARS & THIEVESLook What You Create1 CD07/13/2010WOUNDED BIRDWUND5285.2€ 15.90 
BENSON,GEORGEBig Boss Band1 CD02/26/2008WOUNDED BIRDWUND2629.2€ 15.90 
BENSON,GEORGELove Remembers1 CD02/26/2008WOUNDED BIRDWUND6685.2€ 15.90 
BERRY,JANSecond Wave - 20Th Anniversary Edition1 CD05/04/2018WOUNDED BIRDWUND4524.2€ 14.90 
BLUE OYSTER CULTAlive In America (2022 remaster)1 CD06/03/2022RENAISSANCERENA0723.2€ 19.90 
BOOKER T & MG'SSoul Party1 CD09/10/2013WOUNDED BIRDWUND8010.2€ 14.90 
BOOKER T & MG'SUniversal Language1 CD07/01/2022WOUNDED BIRDWUND1093.2€ 14.90 
BOULDERBoulder1 CD01/26/2010WOUNDED BIRDWUND238.2€ 15.90 
BRAVE BELTBrave Belt/ Brave Belt II1 CD07/01/2022WOUNDED BIRDWUND6447.2€ 16.90 
BREADBaby I'm-A Want You / Guitar Man (2-fer)1 CD11/12/2021WOUNDED BIRDWUND6043.2€ 16.90 
BREADBread / On The Waters (2-fer)1 CD11/12/2021WOUNDED BIRDWUND6041.2€ 16.90 
BREADManna / Lost Without Your Love (2-fer)1 CD11/12/2021WOUNDED BIRDWUND6042.2€ 16.90 
BROMBERG,DAVIDLong Way From Here1 CD11/16/2018WOUNDED BIRDWUND9641.2€ 14.90 
BROOKS,MELMel Brooks' Greatest Hits1 CD06/18/2021WOUNDED BIRDWUND5501.2€ 14.90 
BROWN,JOCELYNOne From The Heart2 CD06/09/2009WOUNDED BIRDWUND5445.2€ 22.90 
BRUCE,JACK & FRIENDSAlive In America2 CD05/14/2021RENAISSANCERENA758.2€ 23.90 
BRYSON,PEOBOPositive1 CD10/30/2007WOUNDED BIRDWUND753.2€ 15.90 
BURTON,GARYTurn of the Century2 CD06/09/2009WOUNDED BIRDWUND321.2€ 22.90 
BURTON,JENNYIn Black and White1 CD05/13/2008WOUNDED BIRDWUND122.2€ 15.90 
BUTTERFIELD BLUES BANDKeep on Moving1 CD01/27/2023WOUNDED BIRDWUND4053.2€ 14.90 
BUTTERFIELD BLUES BANDLive (at The Troubadour 1970) (2cd)2 CD03/01/2019WOUNDED BIRDWUND6014.2€ 21.90 
BUTTERFIELD BLUES BANDOriginal Lost Elektra Sessions1 CD01/22/2021WOUNDED BIRDWUND3505.2€ 14.90 
BUTTERFIELD,PAULNorth South1 CD01/17/2006WOUNDED BIRDWUND6995.2€ 17.90 
BUTTERFIELD,PAUL / BETTER DAYSLive At Winterland Ballroom1 CD01/22/2021WOUNDED BIRDWUND2004.2€ 14.90 
BYRD,DONALDLove Byrd1 CD09/03/2021WOUNDED BIRDWUND6531.2€ 14.90 
BYRD,DONALDLove Byrd1 CD09/03/2021WOUNDED BIRDWUND6531.2€ 14.90 
CACTUSBarely Contained: Studio Sessions2 CD01/27/2023WOUNDED BIRDWUND7872.2€ 21.90 
CAIN,JONATHANWindy City Breakdown1 CD01/17/2006WOUNDED BIRDWUND6969.2€ 15.90 
CAPITAL CITY ROCKETSCapital City Rockets1 CD11/23/2010WOUNDED BIRDWUB5059.2€ 8.90 
CARILLORings Around the Moon1 CD08/25/2009WOUNDED BIRDWUND9176.2€ 15.90 
CARILLOStreet of Dreams1 CD08/25/2009WOUNDED BIRDWUND9235.2€ 15.90 
CHAPLIN,BLONDIEBlondie Chaplin1 CD07/01/2022WOUNDED BIRDWUND1095.2€ 14.90 
CHER3614 Jackson Highway Deluxe Edition (23 Tracks)1 CD04/15/2022WOUNDED BIRDWUND7733.2€ 14.90 
CHERRY,DONHear & Now1 CD09/03/2021WOUNDED BIRDWUND8217.2€ 14.90 
CHERRY,DONHear & Now1 CD09/03/2021WOUNDED BIRDWUND8217.2€ 14.90 
CLARKE,STANLEY & COREA,CHICKGriffith Park Collection1 CD01/27/2023WOUNDED BIRDWUND6025.2€ 14.90 
CLARKE,STANLEY & COREA,CHICKVol. 2-Griffith Park Collection-In Concert2 CD01/27/2023WOUNDED BIRDWUND6262.2€ 21.90 
CLEFS OF LAVENDAR HILLStop! Get A Ticket1 CD06/08/2010WOUNDED BIRDWUND4002.2€ 15.90 
CLIFF,JIMMYFollow My Mind1 CD09/03/2021WOUNDED BIRDWUND2218.2€ 14.90 
CLIFF,JIMMYGive Thanx1 CD09/03/2021WOUNDED BIRDWUND3240.2€ 14.90 
CLIFF,JIMMYUnlimited1 CD01/27/2023WOUNDED BIRDWUND2147.2€ 14.90 
COBHAM,BILLYLife & Times1 CD05/20/2022WOUNDED BIRDWUND8166.2€ 14.90 
COBHAM,BILLY / CROSSWINDSCrosswinds1 CD05/20/2022WOUNDED BIRDWUND07300.2€ 14.90 
COCKER,JOELuxury You Can Afford1 CD04/15/2022WOUNDED BIRDWUND145.2€ 14.90 
COMBONATIONCombonation1 CD11/10/2009WOUNDED BIRDWUB2507.2€ 8.90 
COMPOSTCompost1 CD11/23/2010WOUNDED BIRDWUND1176.2€ 15.90 
COMPOSTLife Is Round1 CD11/23/2010WOUNDED BIRDWUND2031.2€ 15.90 
COOPER,DBBuy American1 CD07/07/2009WOUNDED BIRDWUB3444.2€ 8.90 
COOPER,DBDangerous Curves1 CD07/07/2009WOUNDED BIRDWUB3544.2€ 8.90 
COOPER,DONBless the Children1 CD11/11/2008WOUNDED BIRDWUB2046.2€ 8.90 
CORYELL,LARRYBasics1 CD06/07/2019WOUNDED BIRDWUND7937.2€ 14.90 
CORYELL,LARRYOffering (2018 reissue)1 CD11/16/2018WOUNDED BIRDWUND9319.2€ 14.90 
CORYELL,LARRYReal Great Escape (2018 reissue)1 CD11/16/2018WOUNDED BIRDWUND9329.2€ 14.90 
CORYELL,LARRYRestful Mind (2018 reissue)1 CD11/16/2018WOUNDED BIRDWUND9353.2€ 14.90 
CORYELL,LARRYReturn (2018 reissue)1 CD11/16/2018WOUNDED BIRDWUND9426.2€ 14.90 
CORYELL,LARRY / MOUZON,ALPHONSEBack Together Again1 CD11/12/2021WOUNDED BIRDWUND08220.2€ 14.90 
COUCHOISCouchois1 CD01/26/2010WOUNDED BIRDWUND3289.2€ 15.90 
COUNTRY JOE & THE FISHReunion1 CD10/23/2018WOUNDED BIRDWUND9530.2€ 14.90 
CRACKINCrackin'1 CD04/06/2010WOUNDED BIRDWUND3123.2€ 15.90 
CRACKINSpecial Touch1 CD04/06/2010WOUNDED BIRDWUND3235.2€ 15.90 
CRAWFORD,DONAnother Shade of Black1 CD08/11/2009WOUNDED BIRDWUB3005.2€ 8.90 
CRAWFORD,DONRoots and Branches1 CD08/11/2009WOUNDED BIRDWUND2043.2€ 15.90 
CRAWFORD,DONWould You Understand My Nakedness1 CD08/11/2009WOUNDED BIRDWUB2055.2€ 8.90 
CRAWFORD,RANDYDon't Say It's Over1 CD01/08/2008WOUNDED BIRDWUND5381.2€ 15.90 
CRAWLERVol. 10-Concert Classics1 CD03/11/2022RENAISSANCERENA710.2€ 19.90 
CROSS COUNTRYCross Country1 CD08/25/2009WOUNDED BIRDWUND7024.2€ 15.90 
CURTIS,KINGInstant Groove / Get Ready (2-fer)1 CD06/07/2019WOUNDED BIRDWUND6045.2€ 16.90 
DALTREY,ROGERParting Should Be Painless1 CD09/03/2021WOUNDED BIRDWUND8128.2€ 14.90 
DAVIS,JESSEJesse Davis/ Ululu1 CD01/27/2023WOUNDED BIRDWUND346.2€ 16.90 
DAVIS,PAULA Little Bit Of Paul Davis1 CD11/10/2009WOUNDED BIRDWUND322.2€ 15.90 
DAVIS,PAULPaul Davis1 CD07/13/2010WOUNDED BIRDWUND226.2€ 15.90 
DICTATORSManifest Destiny1 CD09/03/2021WOUNDED BIRDWUND1109.2€ 14.90 
DICTATORSManifest Destiny1 CD09/03/2021WOUNDED BIRDWUND1109.2€ 14.90 
DINO DESI & BILLYThe Singles A's & B's (2 Cd)2 CD11/01/2019WOUNDED BIRDWUND9020.2€ 21.90 
DOLDINGER,KLAUSConsetellation1 CD10/14/2008WOUNDED BIRDWUB2401.2€ 8.90 
DR HOOK & MEDICINE SHOWAlive in America1 CD05/30/2006RENAISSANCERENA711.2€ 14.90 
EARTH OPERAComplete Elektra Recordings2 CD07/25/2017WOUNDED BIRDWUND8304.2€ 21.90 
EDDIE & THE TIDELooking for An Adventure1 CD11/10/2009WOUNDED BIRDWUND586.2€ 15.90 
ELECTRIC FLAGBand Kept Playing1 CD06/18/2021WOUNDED BIRDWUND8112.2€ 14.90 
ELLINGTON,DUKEJazz Violin Session1 CD09/03/2021WOUNDED BIRDWUND1688.2€ 14.90 
ELLINGTON,DUKEJazz Violin Session1 CD09/03/2021WOUNDED BIRDWUND1688.2€ 14.90 
ELLIS,DONPieces Of Eight (2 CD)2 CD11/12/2021WOUNDED BIRDWUND06000.2€ 21.90 
ELLIS,HERBThree Guitars in Bossa Nova Time1 CD06/09/2009WOUNDED BIRDWUND7036.2€ 15.90 
EUGENIUSMary Queen of Scots1 CD02/26/2008WOUNDED BIRDWUB2562.2€ 8.90 
EYE TO EYEEye To Eye / Shakespeare Stole My Baby (2-fer)1 CD11/12/2021WOUNDED BIRDWUND03570.2€ 16.90 
FAIRPORT CONVENTIONAlive in America 19741 CD03/24/2023RENAISSANCERENA799.2€ 19.90 
FARRELL,JOELa Catedral Y El Toro1 CD06/09/2009WOUNDED BIRDWUND3121.2€ 15.90 
FASTER PUSSYCATLive And Rare1 CD05/20/2022WOUNDED BIRDWUND3470.2€ 14.90 
FATBACKPhoenix1 CD11/23/2010WOUNDED BIRDWUND9016.2€ 15.90 
FELICIANO,JOSEJust Wanna Rock 'N' Roll1 CD06/08/2010WOUNDED BIRDWUND105.2€ 15.90 
FELICIANO,JOSEJust Wanna Rock 'N' Roll1 CD06/08/2010WOUNDED BIRDWUND105.2€ 15.90 
FERGUSON,MAYNARDMaynard1 CD10/18/2011WOUNDED BIRDWUND6978.2€ 17.90 
FIONAComplete Atlantic Recordings (2cd)2 CD03/01/2019WOUNDED BIRDWUND6013.2€ 21.90 
FIRE TOWNThe Good Life1 CD10/30/2007WOUNDED BIRDWUB1945.2€ 8.90 
FIREFALLAlive in America1 CD04/06/1999RENAISSANCERENA702.2€ 14.90 
FIREFALLAlive in America (2022 Remaster)1 CD09/30/2022RENAISSANCERENA777.2€ 16.90 
FOGHATGirls to Chat & Boys to Bounce1 CD10/28/2022WOUNDED BIRDWUND3578.2€ 14.90 
FOGHATIn the Mood for Something Rude1 CD10/28/2022WOUNDED BIRDWUND3747.2€ 14.90 
FOGHATNight Shift1 CD10/28/2022WOUNDED BIRDWUND6962.2€ 14.90 
FOGHATRock & Roll Outlaws1 CD10/28/2022WOUNDED BIRDWUND6956.2€ 14.90 
FORCE 10Force 101 CD10/14/2008WOUNDED BIRDWUB3557.2€ 8.90 
FORTUNE,SONNYInfinity Is1 CD07/13/2010WOUNDED BIRDWUND9187.2€ 15.90 
FORTUNE,SONNYWith Sound Reason1 CD07/13/2010WOUNDED BIRDWUND9239.2€ 15.90 
FREEMAN,CHICOTangents1 CD10/14/2008WOUNDED BIRDWUB6361.2€ 8.90 
FROSTEarly Frost1 CD09/27/2019WOUNDED BIRDWUND9392.2€ 14.90 
FROSTLive At The Grande Ballroom1 CD09/27/2019WOUNDED BIRDWUND6553.2€ 14.90 
FROSTThrough The Eyes Of Love1 CD09/27/2019WOUNDED BIRDWUND6556.2€ 14.90 
FUGSIt Crawled Into My Hand Honest1 CD10/28/2022WOUNDED BIRDWUND6305.2€ 14.90 
FUSIONBorder Town1 CD08/28/2007WOUNDED BIRDWUND3295.2€ 15.90 
GATES,DAVIDFalling in Love Again1 CD04/15/2022WOUNDED BIRDWUND6251.2€ 14.90 
GATES,DAVIDFirst1 CD04/15/2022WOUNDED BIRDWUND7506.2€ 14.90 
GATES,DAVIDGoodbye Girl1 CD10/28/2022WOUNDED BIRDWUND614.2€ 14.90 
GATES,DAVIDNever Let Her Go1 CD07/01/2022WOUNDED BIRDWUND1028.2€ 14.90 
GATES,DAVIDNever Let Her Go1 CD07/01/2022WOUNDED BIRDWUND1028.2€ 14.90 
GATTON,DANNYCruisin' Deuces (2019 Reissue)1 CD03/01/2019WOUNDED BIRDWUND1465.2€ 14.90 
GAYE,MARVINAlive in America1 CD11/14/2022RENAISSANCERENA749.2€ 17.90 
GIBSON,DEBBIEThe Singles A's & B's (2cd)2 CD01/27/2023WOUNDED BIRDWUND8969.2€ 21.90 
GIRL'S CAN'T HELP ITPure Wild1 CD07/07/2009WOUNDED BIRDWUB3966.2€ 8.90 
GRAHAM PARKER & THE RUMOURAlive in America1 CD04/22/2022RENAISSANCERENA744.2€ 21.90 
GRAND FUNK RAILROADComplete Warner Recordings1 CD06/18/2021WOUNDED BIRDWUND6050.2€ 16.90 
GREAT BUILDINGSExtra Epic Everything1 CD01/26/2010WOUNDED BIRDWUB9000.2€ 8.90 
GROSSMAN,STEVEPerspective1 CD06/09/2009WOUNDED BIRDWUND9230.2€ 15.90 
HALL & OATESNo Goodbyes1 CD04/15/2022WOUNDED BIRDWUND8213.2€ 14.90 
HAMMILL,PETERIn A Foreign Town1 CD01/27/2023WOUNDED BIRDWUND2337.2€ 14.90 
HANCOCK,HERBIEDirectstep1 CD09/23/2014WOUNDED BIRDWUND1032.2€ 14.90 
HANCOCK,HERBIETreasure Chest1 CD07/02/2013WOUNDED BIRDWUND2807.2€ 14.90 
HAREM SCAREMB-Side Collection1 CD08/10/2010WOUNDED BIRDWUND2230.2€ 15.90 
HAREM SCAREMBallads1 CD08/10/2010WOUNDED BIRDWUND595.2€ 15.90 
HAREM SCAREMBing Bang Theory1 CD08/10/2010WOUNDED BIRDWUND4208.2€ 15.90 
HAREM SCAREMEP Collection1 CD07/26/2011WOUNDED BIRDWUND1298.2€ 15.90 
HAREM SCAREMLast Live [Bonus Tracks] [Reissue]1 CD08/10/2010WOUNDED BIRDWUB764.2€ 8.90 
HAREM SCAREMLive At The Siren1 CD08/10/2010WOUNDED BIRDWUB1736.2€ 8.90 
HAREM SCAREMMood Swings/ If There Was A Time1 CD07/26/2011WOUNDED BIRDWUND3139.2€ 15.90 
HAREM SCAREMRocks1 CD08/10/2010WOUNDED BIRDWUND931.2€ 15.90 
HAREM SCAREMVoice Of Reason [Bonus Track] [Reissue]1 CD08/10/2010WOUNDED BIRDWUND306.2€ 15.90 
HARLEY,RUFUSComplete Atlantic Recordings (2cd) (28 Tracks)2 CD09/26/2017WOUNDED BIRDWUND7725.2€ 21.90 
HARRISON,DONRed Hot1 CD10/12/2004WOUNDED BIRDWUND1820.2€ 15.90 
HAVENS,RICHIEConnections1 CD05/20/2022WOUNDED BIRDWUND242.2€ 14.90 
HEAD EASTVol. 7-Concert Classics1 CD08/03/1999RENAISSANCERENA707.2€ 14.90 
HELLIONBlack Book1 CD07/25/2017WOUNDED BIRDWUND2505.2€ 14.90 
HERMAN,WOODYChildren Of Lima1 CD10/23/2018WOUNDED BIRDWUND9477.2€ 14.90 
HICKS,DANIt Happened One Bite Widescreen Edition (22 Tracks1 CD09/26/2017WOUNDED BIRDWUND3158.2€ 14.90 
HITCHCOCK,ROBYNMoss Elixir/ Mossy Liquor2 CD07/01/2022WOUNDED BIRDWUND6302.2€ 21.90 
HOLLIESWhat Goes Around1 CD11/12/2021WOUNDED BIRDWUND08076.2€ 14.90 
HOLLY & ITALIANSRight to Be Italian1 CD06/18/2021WOUNDED BIRDWUND7359.2€ 14.90 
HOLY MODAL ROUNDERSMoray Eels Eat... (2018 reissue)1 CD11/30/2018WOUNDED BIRDWUND4026.2€ 14.90 
HORN,PAULInside The Taj Mahal, Vol. 21 CD05/18/2010WOUNDED BIRDWUB1600.2€ 8.90 
HORN,PAULPaul Horn/ Nexus1 CD05/18/2010WOUNDED BIRDWUB3561.2€ 8.90 
HORN,PAULVisions1 CD06/08/2010WOUNDED BIRDWUND2837.2€ 15.90 
HUBBARD,FREDDIEThe Art Of Freddie Hubbard2 CD06/08/2010WOUNDED BIRDWUND314.2€ 22.90 
HUNTER,STEVESwept Away1 CD01/27/2023WOUNDED BIRDWUND6148.2€ 14.90 
IDES OF MARCHThe Warner Bros. Recordings (2cd)2 CD01/25/2019WOUNDED BIRDWUND6007.2€ 21.90 
IDLE EYESLove's Imperfection1 CD07/26/2011WOUNDED BIRDWUB542.2€ 8.90 
INCREDIBLE STRING BANDRelics (2 Cd) (2017 Reissue)2 CD05/02/2017WOUNDED BIRDWUND7200.2€ 21.90 
IRON BUTTERFLYFillmore East 19682 CD06/07/2016WOUNDED BIRDWUND6745.2€ 21.90 
IVERS,PETERComplete Warner Bros. Recordings (2Cd)2 CD10/23/2018WOUNDED BIRDWUND6004.2€ 21.90 
JAGGER,CHRISAdventures of Valentine Vox the Ventriloquist1 CD06/12/2012WOUNDED BIRDWUND9001.2€ 15.90 
JAGGER,CHRISChris Jagger1 CD06/12/2012WOUNDED BIRDWUND5069.2€ 15.90 
JAMES GANGNewborn/ Jesse Come Home1 CD07/01/2022WOUNDED BIRDWUND112.2€ 16.90 
JEFFERSON AIRPLANEAlive in America 1967-19691 CD11/11/2022RENAISSANCERENA748.2€ 17.90 
JELLYA True Story1 CD06/09/2009WOUNDED BIRDWUB1096.2€ 8.90 
JONES,ELVINNew Agenda1 CD09/27/2019WOUNDED BIRDWUND9362.2€ 14.90 
JONES,ELVINSummit Meeting1 CD09/27/2019WOUNDED BIRDWUND9390.2€ 14.90 
JONES,ELVINThe Main Force1 CD09/27/2019WOUNDED BIRDWUND9372.2€ 14.90 
JONES,ELVINTime Capsule1 CD09/27/2019WOUNDED BIRDWUND9389.2€ 14.90 
JOURNEYAlive In America1 CD06/03/2022RENAISSANCERENA757.2€ 19.90 
JUBALJubal1 CD03/11/2011WOUNDED BIRDWUB5033.2€ 8.90 
JUDYBATSNative Son1 CD02/26/2008WOUNDED BIRDWUB6459.2€ 8.90 
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