ArtistaTitoloSupportoData di pubb.GenereEtichettaNr. catalogoNotePrezzo
ALBERT KINGThe Big Blues1 CD15/07/2016SOUL JAM600884€ 10.90 
ALEXIS KORNER'S BLUES INCORPORATEDR & B From The Marquee / Blues From The Roundhouse1 CD01/01/2019SOUL JAM600923€ 10.90 
ANDY WILLIAMSDanny Boy / Moon River1 CD14/10/2013JACKPOT RECORDS48738€ 10.90 
ANN-MARGRETAnd Here She Is / The Vivacious One1 CD23/02/2018JACKPOT RECORDS48755€ 10.90 
ARTHUR 'BIG BOY' CRUDUPMean Ole Frisco1 CD09/01/2018SOUL JAM600917€ 10.90 
ARTHUR ALEXANDERYou Better Move On1 CD24/11/2014HOO DOO RECORDS263502€ 10.90 
B.B. KINGB.B. King Wails / Easy Listening Blues1 CD17/02/2014SOUL JAM600835€ 10.90 
B.B. KINGGoing Home1 CD12/11/2015SOUL JAM600870€ 10.90 
B.B. KINGKing Of The Blues / My Kind Of Blues1 CD02/01/2012SOUL JAM600805€ 10.90 
B.B. KINGKing Of The Blues / My Kind Of Blues1 CD08/04/2017STATE OF ART81194€ 10.90 
B.B. KINGSings Spirituals / Twist With B.B. King1 CD18/09/2015SOUL JAM600863€ 10.90 
B.B. KINGThe Complete 1958-1962 Kent Singles2 CD13/10/2017SOUL JAM600910€ 13.90 
BABY BOY WARRENBad Lover Blues: The Complete Singles1 CD23/04/2021SOUL JAM806192€ 12.90 
BABY WASHINGTONThat'S How Heartaches Are Made (1958-1962 Recordings)1 CD18/11/2016SOUL JAM600889€ 10.90 
BEBO VALDESLagrimas Negras - The Very Best Of Bebo Valdes1 CD21/10/2022NEW CONTINENT648072€ 10.90 
BIG BILL BROONZYThe Blues / Big Bill'S Blues1 CD15/05/2015SOUL JAM600855€ 10.90 
BIG JOE TURNERRock & Roll / Rockin' The Blues1 CD12/11/2015HOO DOO RECORDS263531€ 10.90 
BILL DOGGETTEverybody Dance The Honky Tonk / Doggett Beat For Dancing Feet1 CD04/01/2019SOUL JAM806174€ 12.90 
BILLIE HOLIDAYThe Hits3 CD30/08/2019NEW CONTINENT648062€ 10.90 
BILLY WARD & HIS DOMINOESDebut Album / Yours Forever1 CD01/01/2018HOO DOO RECORDS263592€ 10.90 
BLIND LEMON JEFFERSONDry Southern Blues: 1925-1929 Recordings2 CD09/01/2018SOUL JAM600918€ 13.90 
BLIND WILLIE MCTELLDark Night Blues - 1927-1940 Recordings2 CD13/10/2017SOUL JAM600909€ 13.90 
BLOSSOM DEARIEThe Hits (24 Golden Tracks)1 CD18/06/2021NEW CONTINENT648067€ 12.90 
BO DIDDLEYRoad Runner (1955-1962 Original Chess Masters)2 CD16/06/2014HOO DOO RECORDS263483€ 13.90 
BOBBY BLANDLittle Boy Blue1 CDHOO DOO RECORDS263377€ 10.90 
BOBBY DARINThe 1956-1962 Singles1 CD13/10/2017JACKPOT RECORDS48775€ 10.90 
BOBBY RYDELLAll The Hits / Bobby Rydell And Chubby Checker1 CD07/01/2017HOO DOO RECORDS263578€ 10.90 
BOBO JENKINSDecoration Day Blues1 CD03/01/2021SOUL JAM806191€ 12.90 
BROOK BENTONLie To Me: Brook Benton Singing The Blues / Endlessly1 CD15/09/2014HOO DOO RECORDS263495€ 10.90 
BUDDY GUYFirst Time I Met The Blues1 CD28/02/2015SOUL JAM600848€ 10.90 
BUDDY HOLLYListen To Me! The Complete 1956-1962 U.S. Singles1 CD06/02/2017HOO DOO RECORDS263575€ 10.90 
BUDDY HOLLYThat'Ll Be The Day1 CD15/07/2016HOO DOO RECORDS263547€ 10.90 
BUDDY HOLLYThe Buddy Holly Story Vol. I & Ii1 CD07/12/2019HOO DOO RECORDS670097€ 12.90 
BUDDY JOHNSONRock On! 1956-62 Recordings1 CD01/12/2015HOO DOO RECORDS263507€ 10.90 
BUDDY KNOXBuddy Knox / Buddy Knox & Jimmy Bowen1 CD14/07/2014HOO DOO RECORDS263490€ 10.90 
CARL PERKINSThe Complete 1955-1962 Singles - Sun. Flip & Columbia Sides2 CD10/01/2018HOO DOO RECORDS263604€ 13.90 
CARL SMITHLet'S Live A Little / Smith'S The Name1 CD09/01/2017HOO DOO RECORDS263583€ 10.90 
CHARLEY PATTONDown The Dirt Road Blues - 1929-1934 Wisconsin And New York Recordings2 CD14/10/2016SOUL JAM600883€ 13.90 
CHARLIE FEATHERSJungle Fever 1955-1962 Recordings1 CD02/12/2016HOO DOO RECORDS263534€ 10.90 
CHARLIE PARKERThe Hits3 CD07/10/2020NEW CONTINENT648064€ 10.90 
CHARLIE RICHLonely Weekends1 CD30/08/2014HOO DOO RECORDS263487€ 10.90 
CHET ATKINSChet Atkins' Workshop / The Most Popular Guitar1 CD10/01/2019HOO DOO DIGIPACK SERIES670099€ 12.90 
CHUCK BERRYEssential Original Albums3 CD15/09/2018MASTERS OF MUSIC545516€ 10.90 
CHUCK BERRYEssential Recordings 1955-19613 CD09/01/2017NEW CONTINENT648041€ 10.90 
CHUCK BERRYOne Dozen Berrys / Berry Is On Top1 CD13/10/2017STATE OF ART81199€ 10.90 
CHUCK BERRYRockin' At The Hops / New Juke Box Hits1 CD07/09/2012HOO DOO RECORDS263420€ 10.90 
CHUCK BERRYRockin' At The Hops / New Juke Box Hits1 CD19/05/2017STATE OF ART81178€ 10.90 
CHUCK BERRYThe Complete 1955-1961 Chess Singles2 CD04/01/2017HOO DOO RECORDS263569€ 13.90 
CHUCK WILLISRockin' With The Sheik Of The Blues1 CD13/09/2010HOO DOO RECORDS263370€ 10.90 
CLIFF RICHARDCliff / The Young Ones1 CD09/10/2012HOO DOO RECORDS263424€ 10.90 
CLIFF RICHARDListen To Cliff! / 21 Today1 CD13/01/2014HOO DOO RECORDS263468€ 10.90 
CONNIE FRANCISPlenty Good Lovin' - Her Exciting Rock N Roll And R&B Recordings. 1956-19621 CD14/10/2016HOO DOO RECORDS263555€ 10.90 
CONNIE FRANCISSings Award Winning Motion Picture Hits + Around The World With Connie (+3 Bonus Tracks)1 CD10/09/2020HOODOO DIGIPACK SERIES670108€ 12.90 
CONWAY TWITTYRock House1 CD01/02/2017HOO DOO RECORDS263563€ 10.90 
DAVE 'BABY' CORTEZThe Happy Organ / Dave 'Baby' Cortez1 CD03/01/2017HOO DOO RECORDS263568€ 10.90 
DEAN MARTINSings Italian Favorites1 CD25/03/2013JACKPOT RECORDS48734€ 10.90 
DELLSOh What A Nite! 1954-1962 Vee Jay & Argo Sides1 CD12/09/2016SOUL JAM600892€ 10.90 
DIONAlone With Dion / Lovers Who Wander1 CD16/06/2014HOO DOO RECORDS263484€ 10.90 
DION & THE BELMONTSWish Upon A Star1 CDHOO DOO RECORDS263406€ 10.90 
DJANGO REINHARDTEssential Original Albums3 CD25/08/2017MASTERS OF MUSIC545515€ 10.90 
DON GIBSONOh Lonesome Me / Grils. Guitars And Gibson1 CD14/10/2016HOO DOO RECORDS263551€ 10.90 
DUANE EDDYHave 'Twangy' Guitar - Will Travel / Especially For You1 CDHOO DOO RECORDS263401€ 10.90 
EARL HOOKERRockin' Wild - 1952-1963 Recordings1 CD07/10/2020SOUL JAM806178€ 12.90 
EARTHA KITTDown To Eartha / St Louis Blues1 CD14/04/2014JACKPOT RECORDS48743€ 10.90 
EDDIE BOYDBlue Monday Blues 1950-1960 Sides1 CD17/07/2015SOUL JAM600858€ 10.90 
EDDIE COCHRANCherished Memories / Never To Be Forgotten1 CD13/11/2015HOO DOO RECORDS263527€ 10.90 
EDDIE COCHRANEddie Cochran + Singin' To My Baby1 CDHOO DOO RECORDS263392€ 10.90 
ELMORE JAMESThe Sky Is Crying - All Time Original Classics1 CD01/01/2019SOUL JAM600922€ 10.90 
ELVIS PRESLEYA Date With Elvis + Elvis Is Back!1 CD21/10/2022SOUL JAM600930€ 10.90 
ELVIS PRESLEYAt The Movies (1956-62) (Film Soundtrack Collection)3 CD30/08/2019NEW CONTINENT648063€ 10.90 
ELVIS PRESLEYGirls! Girls! Girls! / Loving You1 CD14/07/2014HOO DOO RECORDS263488€ 10.90 
ELVIS PRESLEYKing Creole / Blue Hawaii1 CDHOO DOO RECORDS263396€ 10.90 
ELVIS PRESLEYKing Creole / Loving You1 CD09/01/2018STATE OF ART81248€ 10.90 
ELVIS PRESLEYNumber One Us Singles 1956-19621 CD19/05/2017STATE OF ART81170€ 10.90 
ELVIS PRESLEYThe Complete Session In Its Original Sequence1 CD14/10/2016HOO DOO RECORDS263550€ 10.90 
ETTA JAMESAt Last1 CD19/05/2017STATE OF ART81167€ 10.90 
ETTA JAMESAt Last! / The Second Time Around1 CD05/01/2012SOUL JAM600815€ 10.90 
ETTA JAMESEtta James (3Rd Album) / Sings For Lovers1 CD17/03/2014SOUL JAM600837€ 10.90 
ETTA JAMESSomething'S Gotta Hold On Me (Complete 1960-62 Chess & Argo Singles)1 CD17/06/2016SOUL JAM600882€ 10.90 
ETTA JAMESThe Hits - 27 Greatest Hits By The Soul Diva1 CD04/09/2021NEW CONTINENT648066€ 12.90 
EVERLY BROTHERSSongs Our Daddy Taught Us / Instant Party!1 CD17/03/2014HOO DOO RECORDS263475€ 10.90 
EVERLY BROTHERSThe Everely Brothers / It'S Everly Time1 CDHOO DOO RECORDS263400€ 10.90 
EVERLY BROTHERSWalk Right Back. The Complete 1956-1962 U.S. Singles2 CD05/01/2017HOO DOO RECORDS263572€ 13.90 
FARON YOUNGThis Is Faron Young! / Hello Walls1 CD05/01/2017HOO DOO RECORDS263574€ 10.90 
FATS DOMINOI Miss You So / Just Domino1 CD05/01/2018HOO DOO RECORDS263599€ 10.90 
FATS DOMINOThis Is Fats / Rock And Rollin' With...1 CDHOO DOO RECORDS263398€ 10.90 
FATS DOMINOWalking Into New Orleans2 CD01/01/2018HOO DOO RECORDS263593€ 13.90 
FLAMINGOSThe Sound Of The Flamingos / Flamingo Serenade1 CD09/01/2017HOO DOO RECORDS263582€ 10.90 
FRANK SINATRAThe 1953-1962 Albums (17 Complete Original Albums)10 CD Box Set05/01/2018NEW CONTINENT648046€ 21.90 
FRANKIE AVALONThe Young Frankie Avalon / Swingin' On A Rainbow1 CD10/01/2018HOO DOO RECORDS263605€ 10.90 
FREDDY KINGTexas Oil - The Complete Federal & El-Bee Sides. 1956-19622 CD24/06/2022SOUL JAM600925€ 13.90 
GARY U.S BONDSDance 'Til Quarter To Three / Twist Up Calypso1 CD18/03/2013HOO DOO RECORDS2634420€ 10.90 
GENE MCDANIELS100 Lbs. Of Clay! / Tower Of Strength1 CD07/01/2017SOUL JAM600906€ 10.90 
GENE PITNEYOnly Love Can Break A Heart / The Many Sides Of Gene Pitney1 CD01/12/2015HOO DOO RECORDS263508€ 10.90 
GENE VINCENTGene Vincent Rocks / Twist Crazy Times1 CD09/10/2012HOO DOO RECORDS263423€ 10.90 
GENE VINCENTThe Crazy Beat Of1 CD01/12/2015HOO DOO RECORDS263509€ 10.90 
GEORGE JONESThe Crown Prince Of Country Music / Sings White Lightning1 CD15/05/2015HOO DOO RECORDS263517€ 10.90 
GEORGES BRASSENSHighlights From 1952-1962 (Six Complete Lps And More)2 CD13/11/2015JACKPOT RECORDS48751€ 10.90 
GERRY GOFFIN & CAROLE KING SONGBOOKWill You Love Me Tomorrow1 CD01/02/2017SOUL JAM600895€ 10.90 
GUITAR SLIMI Got Sumpin' For You1 CD14/10/2013HOO DOO RECORDS263459€ 10.90 
HANK BALLARDHank Ballard & The Midnighters / Singin & Swingin1 CD22/11/2010HOO DOO RECORDS263378€ 10.90 
HANK BALLARDThe One & Only / Spotlight On Hank Ballard1 CD25/03/2013HOO DOO RECORDS263438€ 10.90 
HANK WILLIAMSMoanin' The Blues / I Saw The Light1 CD18/11/2016HOO DOO RECORDS263556€ 10.90 
HARRY 'SWEETS' EDISONSweets For The Sweet Taste Of Love / When The Lights Are Low1 CD24/11/2017JACKPOT RECORDS48780€ 10.90 
HARRY BELAFONTECalypso / Belafonte Sings Of The Caribbean1 CD16/06/2014JACKPOT RECORDS48747€ 10.90 
HARRY BELAFONTEThe May Moods Of Belafonte / Porgy & Bess (With Lena Horne)1 CD16/10/2015JACKPOT RECORDS48750€ 10.90 
HI-LO'SAll Over The Place / And All That Jazz- The Marty Paich Sessions1 CD23/02/2018JACKPOT RECORDS48769€ 10.90 
HOWLIN' WOLFBig City Blues (Feat. Ike Turner On Piano) (+15 Bonus Tracks)1 CDSOUL JAM DIGIPACK SERIES806186€ 12.90 
HOWLIN' WOLFSecond Album. Aka Rockin' Chair1 CD11/10/2017STATE OF ART81205€ 10.90 
HUEY 'PIANO' SMITHHaving A Good Time / 'Twas The Night Before Christmas1 CD03/01/2019HOO DOO RECORDS670094€ 12.90 
IMPRESSIONSThe Impressions Debut Album1 CD17/02/2014SOUL JAM600836€ 10.90 
IVORY JOE HUNTERRock & Roll1 CD03/01/2017HOO DOO RECORDS263567€ 10.90 
JACKIE WILSONSo Much / Jackie Sings The Blues1 CD28/02/2014HOO DOO RECORDS2634730€ 10.90 
JACQUES BRELEssential Recordings 1954-19623 CD07/01/2017NEW CONTINENT648037€ 10.90 
JAMES BOOKERThe Ivory Emperor 1954-1962 Sides1 CD26/03/2021SOUL JAM806188€ 12.90 
JAMES BROWN(Can You) Feel It! - The 1959-1962 Federal & King Sides2 CD13/04/2015HOO DOO RECORDS263515€ 13.90 
JAMES BROWNLive At The Apollo. 1962 (+12 Bonus Tracks)1 CD10/09/2020SOUL JAM DIGIPACK SERIES806182€ 12.90 
JAMES BROWNPlease. Please. Please / Think!1 CD14/07/2017STATE OF ART81188€ 10.90 
JAMES BROWNYou'Ve Got The Power - The Complete Federal & King Singles3 CD04/01/2018NEW CONTINENT648045€ 10.90 
JAN AND DEANThe Jean & Dean Sound / Golden Hits1 CD12/11/2015HOO DOO RECORDS263530€ 10.90 
JERRY BUTLERHe Will Break Your Heart / Jerry Butler. Esq.1 CD01/01/2012SOUL JAM600811€ 10.90 
JERRY BUTLERMoon River / Folk Songs1 CD07/01/2018SOUL JAM600916€ 10.90 
JIMMY JONESGood Timin'1 CD12/09/2016HOO DOO RECORDS263559€ 10.90 
JIMMY REEDJimmy Reed At Soul City + Sings The Best Of The Blues (+4 Bonus Tracks)1 CDSOUL JAM DIGIPACK SERIES806185€ 12.90 
JIMMY REEDRockin' With Red1 CD15/04/2013SOUL JAM600827€ 10.90 
JIMMY WITHERSPOONLive At The Renaissance & At Monte1 CD30/03/2016SOUL JAM600877€ 10.90 
JOHN LEE HOOKERBurning Hell1 CD12/11/2015SOUL JAM600871€ 10.90 
JOHN LEE HOOKERBurning Hell1 CD16/02/2018STATE OF ART81211€ 10.90 
JOHN LEE HOOKERI'M John Lee Hooker / Travelin'1 CDSOUL JAM600804€ 10.90 
JOHN LEE HOOKERJohn Lee Hooker (The Galaxy Album)1 CD05/11/2018STATE OF ART81225€ 10.90 
JOHN LEE HOOKERJohn Lee Hooker (The Galaxy)1 CD03/11/2016SOUL JAM600876€ 10.90 
JOHN LEE HOOKEROn Campus + The Great John Lee Hooker (+5 Bonus Tracks)1 CD01/01/2020SOUL JAM DIGIPACK SERIES806181€ 12.90 
JOHN LEE HOOKERSings The Blues / Sings Blues1 CD15/12/2014SOUL JAM600843€ 10.90 
JOHN LEE HOOKERThe Big Soul Of John Lee Hooker1 CD13/05/2016SOUL JAM600881€ 10.90 
JOHN LEE HOOKERThe Folk Lore Of... / Folk Blues1 CD24/11/2014HOO DOO RECORDS263499€ 10.90 
JOHNNY CASHCountry Boy - The Sun Years2 CD07/01/2018HOO DOO RECORDS263602€ 13.90 
JOHNNY CASHThe Fabolous Johnny Cash (Digi)1 CDHOO DOO RECORDS400113€ 10.90 
JOHNNY CASHThe Sound Of Johnny Cash / Hymns From The Heart1 CD15/06/2015HOO DOO RECORDS263518€ 10.90 
JOHNNY HALLYDAYHello Johnny / Nous Les Gars. Nous Les Filles1 CD01/01/2019STATE OF ART81259€ 10.90 
JOHNNY HALLYDAYSalut Les Copains! / Recentissime!1 CD04/01/2018HOO DOO RECORDS263597€ 10.90 
JOHNNY HORTONThe Golden Rocket1 CD17/02/2014HOO DOO RECORDS263471€ 10.90 
JOHNNY MATHISOpen Fire. Two Guitars / Swing Softly1 CD04/01/2017SOUL JAM600901€ 10.90 
JOHNNY SHINES & ROBERT JR. LOCKWOODThe Complete J.O.B Recordings. 1951-19551 CD03/01/2021SOUL JAM806189€ 12.90 
JUAN GARCIA ESQUIVELExploring New Sounds In Stereo / Four Corners Of The World1 CD04/01/2017JACKPOT RECORDS48756€ 10.90 
JUAN GARCIA ESQUIVELStrings Aflame / Latin-Esque1 CD04/01/2017JACKPOT RECORDS48758€ 10.90 
JUAN GARCIA ESQUIVELTo Love Again / Cabaret Tragico1 CD04/01/2017JACKPOT RECORDS48759€ 10.90 
JULIE LONDONSings Latin In A Satin Mood + Swing Me An Old Song1 CD24/02/2023JACKPOT48791€ 10.90 
KINGSTON TRIOThe Five #1 Billboard Albums (The Kingston Trio. At Large. Here We Go Again!. Sold Out. String Along)2 CD09/01/2017HOO DOO RECORDS263580€ 13.90 
LEAD BELLYMidnight Special2 CD14/10/2016SOUL JAM600886€ 13.90 
LEE DORSEYYa! Ya!1 CD05/01/2017HOO DOO RECORDS263573€ 10.90 
LEE WILEYNight In Manhattan / Sings Vincent Youman'S & Irvin Berlin1 CD23/02/2018JACKPOT RECORDS48770€ 10.90 
LEE WILEYWest Of The Moon / A Touch Of The Blues1 CD03/09/2018JACKPOT RECORDS48772€ 10.90 
LIBERACEMy Inspiration / My Parade Of Golden Favorites1 CD23/02/2018JACKPOT RECORDS48768€ 10.90 
LIGHTNIN' HOPKINSMojo Hand / Blues In My Bottle1 CD18/09/2015SOUL JAM600862€ 10.90 
LITTLE ANTHONYWe Are The Imperials / Shades Of The 40'S1 CD19/05/2014HOO DOO RECORDS263479€ 10.90 
LITTLE JUNIOR PARKERDriving Wheel1 CD11/02/2018SOUL JAM600920€ 10.90 
LITTLE MILTONLong Distance Operator - 1953-1962 Sun. Meteor. Bobbin & Checker Sides1 CD10/01/2018SOUL JAM600919€ 10.90 
LITTLE RICHARDHere'S Little Richard + Little Richard The Second Album1 CD21/10/2022SOUL JAM600929€ 10.90 
LITTLE RICHARDLittle Richard Is Back + His Greatest Hits (+6 Bonus Tracks)1 CDHOODOO RECORDS DIGIPACK SERIES670109€ 12.90 
LITTLE RICHARDThe Complete 1957-1960 London Ep Sides1 CD16/10/2015HOO DOO RECORDS263526€ 10.90 
LITTLE RICHARDThe Fabulous Little Richard / It'S Real1 CD15/07/2013HOO DOO RECORDS263453€ 10.90 
LONESOME SUNDOWNMojo Man - The Ecomplete 1956-1962 Excello Singles1 CD10/09/2020SOUL JAM DIGIPACK SERIES806180€ 12.90 
LOUISIANA REDThe Lowdown Back Porch Blues (+10 Bonus Tracks)1 CD29/10/2021SOUL JAM DIGIPACK SERIES806195€ 12.90 
LOUVIN BROTHERSSatan Is Real / A Tribute To The Delmore Brothers1 CD04/01/2019HOO DOO RECORDS670096€ 12.90 
MAC REBENNACK (AKA DR. JOHN)Good Times In New Orleans. 1958-19621 CD02/01/2017SOUL JAM600896€ 10.90 
MARTHA & THE VANDELLASCome And Get These Memories1 CD09/04/2020SOUL JAM DIGIPACK SERIES806183€ 12.90 
MARTIN DENNYAfro-Desia / Quiet Village1 CD15/12/2017JACKPOT RECORDS48779€ 10.90 
MARTIN DENNYHypnotique / The Enchanted Sea1 CD15/12/2017JACKPOT RECORDS48778€ 10.90 
MARTIN DENNYPrimitiva / Forbidden Island1 CD24/11/2017JACKPOT RECORDS48777€ 10.90 
MARTIN DENNYThe Very Best Of1 CD18/11/2016JACKPOT RECORDS48754€ 10.90 
MARTY ROBBINSGunfighter Ballads And Trail Songs - Vols. 1 & 21 CD07/09/2012HOO DOO RECORDS263419€ 10.90 
MARV JOHNSONMarvelous Marv Johnson / More Marv Johnson1 CD14/04/2014SOUL JAM600840€ 10.90 
MARVIN GAYEThe Soulful Moods Of Marvin Gaye1 CD19/05/2017STATE OF ART81168€ 10.90 
MARY WELLSBye Bye Baby. I Don'T Want To Take A Chance1 CD02/01/2012SOUL JAM600813€ 10.90 
MARY WELLSThe One Who Really Loves You1 CD13/01/2014SOUL JAM600834€ 10.90 
MAXINE BROWNA Funny Kind Of Feeling - Complete 1960-1962 Recordings1 CD13/05/2016SOUL JAM600880€ 10.90 
MEMPHIS MINNIEKeep On Goin' 1930-19531 CD13/11/2015SOUL JAM600868€ 10.90 
MEMPHIS SLIMSongs Of Memphis Slim And Willie Dixon / At The Village Gate1 CD13/04/2015SOUL JAM600853€ 10.90 
MICKEY AND SYLVIANew Sounds1 CD17/06/2016HOO DOO RECORDS263546€ 10.90 
MICKEY BAKERBut Wild + Bossa Nova (+6 Bonus Tracks)1 CD09/04/2020HOODOO DIGIPACK SERIES670107€ 12.90 
MILES DAVISPlays For Lovers1 CD15/05/2012JACKPOT RECORDS48727€ 10.90 
MISSISSIPPI FRED MCDOWELLShake 'Em On Down: The Alan Lomax Recordings 19591 CD04/01/2019SOUL JAM806173€ 12.90 
MISSISSIPPI JOHN HURTSpike Driver Blues - The Complete 1928 Okeh Recordings1 CD14/10/2016SOUL JAM600887€ 10.90 
MUDDY WATERSAt Newport 1960 / Sings Big Bill1 CD14/07/2017STATE OF ART81186€ 10.90 
MUDDY WATERSEarly Morning Blues1 CD28/02/2015SOUL JAM600849€ 13.90 
MUDDY WATERSI Got My Brand On You1 CD08/03/2018STATE OF ART81240€ 10.90 
NAT KING COLECole En Espanol - Greatest Hits1 CD06/01/2018NEW CONTINENT648053€ 10.90 
NAT KING COLEEssential Original Albums3 CD15/09/2018MASTERS OF MUSIC545518€ 10.90 
NINA SIMONEAt Town Hall1 CD13/09/2010JACKPOT RECORDS48723€ 10.90 
NORO MORALES QUINTETNo Blues. Noro / His Piano & Rhythm1 CD02/01/2019JACKPOT RECORDS48774€ 10.90 
ODETTAMy Eyes Have Seen / The Tin Angel / At The Gates Of Horn2 CD05/01/2017SOUL JAM600900€ 13.90 
OSCAR BROWN JR.Between Heaven & Hell / Sin & Soul1 CD24/11/2017SOUL JAM600912€ 10.90 
OTIS RUSHI'M Satisfied1 CD14/10/2013SOUL JAM600825€ 10.90 
PAUL ANKASwings For Young Lovers / My Heart Sings1 CD18/11/2013JACKPOT RECORDS48739€ 10.90 
PAUL SIMON & ART GARFUNKELTwo Young Hearts Afire With The Same Desire1 CD04/01/2017HOO DOO RECORDS263570€ 10.90 
PEE WEE CRAYTONPee Wee Crayton (1960 Debut Album)1 CD03/02/2018SOUL JAM600914€ 10.90 
PERCY FAITHHollywood Great Themnes / Tara'S Theme From Gone With The Wind1 CD09/01/2017JACKPOT RECORDS48766€ 10.90 
PERCY MAYFIELDNightless Lover1 CD13/09/2010HOO DOO RECORDS263371€ 10.90 
PETE SEEGERAmerican Favorite Ballads / American Ballads / Love Songs For Friends & Foes2 CD09/01/2018HOO DOO RECORDS263603€ 13.90 
PETER. PAUL AND MARYDebut Album / (Moving)1 CD24/11/2014HOO DOO RECORDS263505€ 10.90 
PLATTERSDebut Album / The Flying Platters1 CD15/06/2015HOO DOO RECORDS263519€ 10.90 
PORTER WAGONERA Slice Of Life / Satisfied Mind1 CD17/06/2016HOO DOO RECORDS263545€ 10.90 
PROFESSOR LONGHAIRNo Buts. No Maybes - The 1949-1957 Recordings1 CD21/10/2022SOUL JAM600926€ 10.90 
RAY CHARLESThe Best Of Ray Charles1 CD29/10/2021SOUL JAM DIGIPACK SERIES806194€ 12.90 
RAY CHARLESThe Complete 1954-1962 Singles3 CD09/01/2017NEW CONTINENT648039€ 10.90 
RAY CHARLESWhat I'D Say / Hallelujah I Love Her So!1 CD18/05/2018STATE OF ART81230€ 10.90 
RAY SMITHTravelin' With Ray1 CD03/01/2019HOO DOO RECORDS670093€ 12.90 
RICKY NELSONRick Is 21 / More Songs By Ricky1 CD16/12/2013HOO DOO RECORDS263464€ 10.90 
RICKY NELSONSeven By Rick / It'S Up To You1 CD05/01/2018HOO DOO RECORDS263598€ 10.90 
ROBERT JOHNSONKing Of The Delta Blues Singers1 CD07/01/2018NEW CONTINENT648054€ 10.90 
ROY BROWNGood Rockin' Tonight - The 1947-1960 Deluxe. King. Imperial & Home Of The Blues Sides1 CD17/11/2017HOO DOO RECORDS263588€ 10.90 
ROY BUCHANANAfter Hours - Early Years (1957-1962 Recordings)2 CD18/11/2016SOUL JAM600891€ 13.90 
ROY HAMILTONMr.Rock And Soul Plus You Can Have Her1 CD02/01/2017SOUL JAM600897€ 10.90 
ROY ORBISONDream Baby: The Complete Sun. Rca & Monument 1956-1962 Singles1 CD09/01/2017HOO DOO RECORDS263584€ 10.90 
ROY ORBISONLonely And Blue / At The Rock House1 CDHOO DOO RECORDS263409€ 10.90 
ROY ORBISONOoby Dooby - The Sun Years1 CD06/02/2017HOO DOO RECORDS263577€ 10.90 
SAM COOKETwistin'The Night Away / Swing Low1 CD29/01/2013SOUL JAM600823€ 10.90 
SAM COOKEWin Your Love For Me2 CD01/02/2017SOUL JAM600894€ 13.90 
SAM COOKEWonderful World - The Hits1 CDHOODOO RECORDS DIGIPACK SERIES670112€ 12.90 
SAMMY DAVIS JR.The 1961-1962 Marty Paich Sessions2 CD13/10/2017JACKPOT RECORDS48776€ 13.90 
SAMMY TURNERLavender Blue Moods1 CD03/01/2017SOUL JAM600898€ 10.90 
SCOOTY MOORERigh Hand Of The King 1954-1962 Sun & Rca1 CD12/09/2016HOO DOO RECORDS263558€ 10.90 
SCRAPPER BLACKWELLMr Scrapper'S Blues1 CD10/01/2019SOUL JAM DIGIPACK SERIES806175€ 12.90 
SCREAMIN' JAY HAWKINSAt Home With... (Limited Edition)1 CD02/01/2019HOO DOO RECORDS670091€ 12.90 
SLIM HARPOBuzz Me Babe - Excello Sides. 1957-19621 CD16/10/2015Soul Jam600866€ 10.90 
SMOKEY ROBINSONHi...We'Re The Miracles / Cookin' With The Miracles1 CD01/07/2013SOUL JAM600820€ 10.90 
SONNY JAMESYoung Love1 CD02/01/2017HOO DOO RECORDS263565€ 10.90 
STEVIE WONDERThe Jazz Soul Of Little Stevie / Tribute To Uncle Ray1 CD13/05/2013SOUL JAM600829€ 10.90 
STEVIE WONDERTribute To Uncle Ray + The Jazz Soul Of Little Stevie1 CD23/03/2018STATE OF ART81223€ 10.90 
SUNNYLAND SLIMSlim'S Shout / Chicago Blues Session1 CD16/10/2015SOUL JAM600867€ 10.90 
T-BONE WALKERI Get So Weary / Singing The Blues1 CD02/12/2016SOUL JAM600874€ 10.90 
VARIOUS ARTISTSAll Shook Up! - The Songs Of Otis Blackwell - 30 Original Rock N Roll And R&B Anthems1 CD13/05/2016HOO DOO RECORDS263542€ 10.90 
VARIOUS ARTISTSAn Easy Introduction To The Blues (Top 16 Albums)8 CD16/07/2018NEW CONTINENT648056€ 18.90 
VARIOUS ARTISTSBlues Power - 27 Original All-Time Classics1 CD29/04/2022NEW CONTINENT648070€ 10.90 
VARIOUS ARTISTSSwing In The Films Of Woody Allen - 21 Immortal Tracks From Woody Allen'S Movies1 CD18/06/2021NEW CONTINENT648069€ 12.90 
VARIOUS ARTISTSThe Very Best Of Doo Wop2 CD15/12/2017HOO DOO RECORDS263589€ 13.90 
VARIOUS ARTISTSThese Magic Moments - The Songs Of Doc Pomus2 CD30/03/2016HOO DOO RECORDS263541€ 13.90 
WILSON PICKETTLet Me Be Your Boy - The Early Years. 1957-19621 CD07/01/2017SOUL JAM600907€ 10.90 
WOODY GUTHRIEI Saw A Sign - 1940-1947 Recordings2 CD13/10/2017HOO DOO RECORDS263587€ 13.90 
YVES MONTANDA Paris / Chanson De Paris1 CD05/01/2017JACKPOT RECORDS48762€ 10.90 
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