RADIO ROCKS! Broadcast Goodies in Cd in promozione - Parte 3

RADIO ROCKS! Broadcast Goodies in Cd in promozione - Parte 3

Registrazioni contraddistinte da qualità professionale, frutto di trasmissioni radiofoniche e televisive, edite in Cd in tiratura limitata

Oggi per la prima volta, le migliori produzioni degli ultimi mesi, alcune già fuori catalogo e ormai rare, vengono presentate a prezzi da discount

Episodi sempre inediti all'interno delle discografie dei nostri beniamini, testimonianze di momenti storici,

da imparare a conoscere, conservare e collezionare prima che vadano persi per sempre

Prezzi validi fino ad esuarimento delle residue dotazioni

Offerta valida dal 02/10/2021 al 31/10/2021
ArtistaTitoloSupportoData di pubb.GenereEtichettaNr. catalogoNotePrezzo
Ac/DcMelbourne 1974Cd14/04/2017Gossip823564697123€ 13.90
Ac/DcOld Waldorf San Francisco 77Cd24/05/2017Air Cuts5292317805316€ 11.90
Ac/DcOn The Highway To MelbourneCd14/12/2018Hobo823564030043€ 9.90
Ac/DcShot Down In The Big Easy (2 Cd)Cd01/03/2019Left Field Media823564030135€ 14.90
Ace Frehley's CometMilwaukee Live 87Cd21/09/2015Echoes5291012203816€ 11.90
Albert KingPurple Carriage St Charles Illinois 02Cd16/03/2015Klondike5291012501912€ 11.90
Alice CooperMonsters Of RockCd03/08/2018Sonic Boom823564820705€ 12.90
Alice CooperSlicker Than A WeaselCd26/01/2015Sonic Boom823564645520€ 13.90
Alice In ChainsRock Am RingCd01/11/2019Sonic Boom823564031552€ 13.90
Allman Brothers BandManley Field House, Syracuse, Ny (2 Cd)Cd04/12/2015Air Cuts5292317802117€ 15.90
Allman Brothers BandNew Year'S Eve 1973 (3Cd)Cd30/09/2021Left Field Media823564034058€ 17.90
AmbrosiaLive... 5Th Floor CincinnatiCd09/02/2017Echoes5291012207319€ 13.90
AmericaLive Whisky ACd30/04/2018Roxvox5292317207028€ 11.90
Bad BrainsOld WaldorfSan Francisco '82Cd02/10/2015Klondike5291012504319€ 9.90
Bad CompanyStill RunningCd24/11/2020Left Field Media823564033808€ 13.90
Band (The)Palladium CirclesCd04/08/2014Iconography823564637624€ 12.90
Beach Boys (The)Lonely ReturnCd23/08/2018Left Field Media823564814209€ 12.90
Beach Boys (The)Nassau Coliseum 1974Cd15/11/2017Left Field Media823564812403€ 12.90
Beach Boys (The)Ringing The Liberty BellCd04/03/2016Gossip823564675121€ 10.90
Beatles (The)ReflectionsCd10/03/2014Echoes807297203226€ 9.90
BeckRoskilde FestivalCd01/12/2017Zip City823564812601€ 13.90
Bee GeesMelbourne 1971Cd08/09/2020Gossip823564033297€ 13.90
Bee GeesSpick And SpanCd09/01/2019Zip City823564030302€ 13.90
Bee Gees (The)Storytellers 1996Cd01/07/2016Zip City823564682020€ 12.90
Black Crowes (The)She Talks To Angels LiveCd20/07/2015Echoes5291012202918€ 13.90
Black SabbathMontreux 1970 & The Lost Bbc SessionsCd28/07/2020Sonic Boom823564033112€ 13.90
BlondieRapture In TorontoCd02/06/2017Zip City823564699622€ 13.90
Bob DylanStuds Terkel's Wax MuseumCd06/10/2014Left Field Media823564619224€ 9.90
Bob Dylan & Tom PettyNew York 1986 (2 Cd)Cd14/06/2018Roxvox5292317212824€ 15.90
Bob Dylan With Jerry GarciaSan Francisco 1980 (2 Cd)Cd01/05/2019Roxvox5292317214323€ 15.90
Bon JoviMelbourne MelodiesCd12/02/2016Sonic Boom823564673226€ 12.90
Bon JoviRockin' In Cleveland 1984Cd06/10/2014All Access823564625928€ 13.90
Bonnie RaittNobody's GirlCd31/07/2020All Access823654812603€ 13.90
Bruce SpringsteenMax's Kansas City 1973Cd03/03/2017Zip City823564693422€ 10.90
Bruce SpringsteenNew Jersey 1994Cd02/09/2016Sonic Boom823564684628€ 12.90
Buckingham / NicksNever Going Back AgainCd25/06/2021Roxvox5292317217829€ 11.90
Byrds (The)Straight For The SunCd21/10/2013All Access823564633121€ 9.90
Camper Van BeethovenMississippi Nights Live October 1989 (2 Cd)Cd18/11/2016Klondike5291012505613€ 16.90
Carl WilsonLong Promised RoadCd30/10/2015Shady Grove5060446120347€ 16.90
Chicago Transit AuthorityTexas Pop Festival 1969Cd04/12/2015Go Faster Records823564669922€ 12.90
Commander Cody & His Lost Planet AirmenRoll Your OwnCd18/03/2016Klondike5291012504012€ 13.90
CreamLive.. Stockholm 1967Cd14/09/2018London Calling5053792502011€ 11.90
Crosby & Nash With Neil YoungThe 1972 BroadcastCd01/12/2014Sonic Boom823564646626€ 12.90
Crosby, Stills & NashSurvival SundayCd05/02/2016Go Faster Records823564671529€ 13.90
Crosby, Stills Nash & YoungRoosevelt Raceway, Westbury, Ny September 8th 1974Cd07/08/2020Air Cuts5292317802711€ 11.90
Daniel LanoisNew Orleans Jazz Festival 1989Cd17/11/2017Air Cuts5292317806917€ 11.90
Dave Van RonkLive... Bryn Mawr 1978Cd30/11/2016Echoes5291012207814€ 13.90
David BowieMontreal 1983 (2 Cd)Cd03/08/2018Golden Rain823564819709€ 14.90
David BowieOutside In BudapestCd04/10/2019Iconography823564031545€ 13.90
David BowieSantiago 1990 (2Cd)Cd02/04/2021Left Field Media823564034270€ 14.90
David ByrneNaked In DenverCd02/02/2018Golden Rain823564809908€ 12.90
David CrosbyNew Year's Eve With The DeadCd15/06/2018Hobo823564696621€ 9.90
Derek And The DominosNew York City 1970 (2 Cd)Cd10/02/2020Roxvox5292317216624€ 15.90
Dick DaleSurf Beat Live.. Monterey Ca 1995Cd26/06/2019Roxvox5292317215528€ 11.90
Doors (The)Shot To PiecesCd03/08/2018Sonic Boom823564830100€ 13.90
Doors (The)Stockholm '68Cd10/01/2019Roxvox5292317214828€ 11.90
EaglesTarget Practise (2 Cd)Cd03/05/2019Left Field Media823564030791€ 14.90
Eddie Hinton And The NighthawksRose'S Cantina Atlanta '79Cd21/12/2016Echoes5291012207012€ 11.90
Emmylou HarrisPbs SoundstageCd05/02/2021Hobo823564033440€ 9.90
Eric Burdon'S WarSpill The WineCd04/12/2020Roxvox5292317216921€ 11.90
Eric ClaptonNew York 1986 (2 Cd)Cd08/06/2018Left Field Media823564817903€ 14.90
FirefallLive... 1976Cd16/10/2017Air Cuts5292317807112€ 11.90
Fleetwood MacLive...The Record Plant 1974Cd12/09/2018Roxvox5292317214422€ 13.90
Foo FightersSongs For The MillenniumCd16/07/2021Hobo823564033150€ 9.90
Frank ZappaMunich 1980Cd10/11/2017Sonic Boom823564810607€ 13.90
Frank Zappa And The Mothers Of InventionLive.. San FranciscoCd21/02/2018Roxvox5292317213128€ 11.90
GenesisNassau Coliseum 1981Cd27/09/2021Zip City823564035123€ 13.90
George MichaelRock In Rio 2Cd26/11/2020Gossip823564033792€ 13.90
Georgia SatellitesLive The Ritz Ny Feb 22, 1987 (2 Cd)Cd16/08/2017Air Cuts5292317807617€ 15.90
Grand Funk RailroadLive... New York 1972Cd28/06/2017Air Cuts5292317805811€ 11.90
Grateful DeadNew Year's Eve 1987 (2 Cd)Cd02/08/2011Left Field Media823564621425€ 14.90
Grateful DeadNew Year?S Eve 1981 (3Cd)Cd29/10/2021Left Field Media823564035062€ 17.90
Grateful DeadNew Years Eve 1990 Oakland Coliseum Arena (3 Cd)Cd02/11/2016Roxvox5292317205628€ 24.90
Grateful DeadPirates Of The Deep SouthCd16/03/2018Sonic Boom823564814704€ 12.90
Herbie HancockMontreux (2 Cd)Cd05/03/2019Left Field Media823564030296€ 14.90
HighwaymenOn The Road AgainCd05/10/2018Go Faster Records823564820002€ 13.90
Hole Featuring Courtney LoveLive Through This Is Radio 9 December 1994Cd21/09/2015Klondike5291012502612€ 13.90
Hoodoo Rhythm DevilsLive... Old Waldorf, San Francisco '77Cd23/02/2017Echoes5291012208217€ 11.90
Howard Wales & Friends With Jerry GarciaSymphony Hall Boston, 26 January 1972 (2 Cd)Cd20/10/2014Echoes5291012200211€ 15.90
Iggy Pop With David BowieMantra Studios Broadcast 1977Cd04/03/2016Iconography823564675824€ 13.90
Iron MaidenTel AvivCd06/10/2020Zip City823564033327€ 13.90
Jackson BrowneStony BrookCd17/01/2020Left Field Media823564816203€ 12.90
Jackson Browne & David LindleyPalm Meadows Benefit 1978 (2 Cd)Cd05/04/2019Left Field Media823564030500€ 14.90
Jacksons (The)Mexico City 1975Cd09/03/2018Golden Rain823564815404€ 13.90
Jane's AddictionLollapalooza 1991Cd09/07/2018Zip City823564820606€ 13.90
Jeff BuckleySon Of The StarsailorCd11/07/2019Hobo823564031057€ 9.90
Jefferson AirplaneNothing In ParticularCd02/12/2016All Access823564690629€ 12.90
Jefferson AirplaneStony Brook 1970 (2 Cd)Cd30/01/2020Left Field Media823564032214€ 14.90
Jerry Garcia & John KahnSanta Cruz BluesCd10/02/2017Zip City823564693828€ 10.90
Jerry Garcia BandLong Island Ice TeaCd16/04/2021Hobo823564030722€ 9.90
Joan BaezNewport Folk Festival 1968Cd28/07/2014All Access823564639727€ 13.90
Joan Jett & The BlackheartsLive The New York Bottom Line December 20Th 1980Cd31/01/2018Roxvox5292317213524€ 13.90
John FogertyOn The BoxCd01/07/2016Zip City823564682129€ 13.90
John HiattOttawa Broadcast 1988Cd09/03/2018Zip City823564815107€ 13.90
John Kay & SteppenwolfRoslyn Ny 1980Cd24/06/2016Roxvox5292317203921€ 13.90
John PrineNew York 1978 (2 Cd)Cd22/06/2020Hobo823564032849€ 13.90
John StewartSummer's ChildCd13/08/2012All Access823564627823€ 13.90
K.D. LangSummertime In The Windy CityCd02/07/2007Left Field Media823564621524€ 12.90
KabukiReturn Of The Band Of Gypsys: San Francisco '84 (2 Cd)Cd17/04/2018Air Cuts5292317805019€ 15.90
KinksPop Stars In Disguise, Fillmore West Broadcast 1969Cd02/08/2019Zip City823564031132€ 13.90
KinksSoap Opera LiveCd29/11/2019Sonic Boom823564031804€ 13.90
KissRe-Masked In Tokyo (2 Cd)Cd09/09/2019Left Field Media823564031415€ 14.90
KissRockin' At The Ritz (2 Cd)Cd25/06/2021Roxvox5292317217621€ 15.90
Larry CarltonMy Father's Place, New York 1978Cd12/02/2016Iconography823564673325€ 13.90
Laura NyroThe 1994 BroadcastsCd19/04/2019Left Field Media823564030661€ 13.90
Led ZeppelinLive Scandinavia '69Cd29/05/2020London Calling5053792506415€ 11.90
Led ZeppelinTexas International Pop FestivalCd30/06/2020Hobo823564033020€ 9.90
Leonard CohenMusic City UsaCd16/07/2021Hobo823564033525€ 9.90
Leonard CohenOnce More For Marianne (2 Cd)Cd14/10/2016Golden Rain823564687223€ 14.90
Leonard CohenReykjavik 1988 (2 Cd)Cd30/04/2020Left Field Media823564032542€ 14.90
Leonard CohenTel Aviv 1972Cd03/07/2020Gossip823564032825€ 13.90
Linda RonstadtLong Time At The PlantCd02/04/2021Hobo823564032740€ 9.90
Linda Ronstadt With Nelson RiddleLush LiveCd30/07/2020Left Field Media823564031101€ 13.90
Link WrayLive... My Father's Place 1979Cd13/06/2017Klondike5291012507914€ 11.90
Lynyrd SkynyrdMeet On The Ledge, asbury Park Bradcast 1977Cd09/08/2019Sonic Boom823564031002€ 13.90
Lynyrd SkynyrdSaturday Night In FriscoCd16/07/2021Zip City823564034485€ 13.90
Lynyrd SkynyrdTaking The BiscuitCd02/02/2015Gossip823564649122€ 13.90
Meat PuppetsMeltdown (2 Cd)Cd22/01/2016Interference5296127000619€ 20.90
MetallicaLive: Reunion Arena, Dallas, Tx, 5 Feb 89 (2 Cd)Cd12/05/2017Roxvox5292317209923€ 15.90
MetallicaRocking At The Ring (2 Cd)Cd15/12/2017Go Faster Records823564813006€ 15.90
MetallicaRocking At The Ring (2 Cd)Cd12/12/2017Go Faster Records823654813006€ 14.90
MetallicaSeattle '89, The Classic Washinton State Broadcast (2 Cd)Cd04/05/2018Left Field Media823564816906€ 16.90
Mickey HartSan Francisco 1973Cd06/09/2019Roxvox5292317215429€ 11.90
MorrisseyPoetry Hour: Colorado Broadcast 1992Cd07/12/2018Sonic Boom823564890203€ 13.90
Neil SedakaRye Beach Ny, June 12th 1993Cd10/06/2016Air Cuts5292317803916€ 13.90
Neil Young & Crazy HorseRoskilde Festival (2 Cd)Cd08/08/2019Zip City823564031279€ 14.90
Nice (The)Live Sweden '67Cd10/08/2018London Calling5053792501816€ 11.90
Nina SimoneNew Jersey '68Cd31/08/2018Roxvox5292317208827€ 11.90
Nine Inch NailsMudstock!Cd10/06/2016Zip City823564681221€ 13.90
NirvanaLive... The Pat O'Brien Pavilion, Del Mar 1991Cd05/07/2017Interference5296127001517€ 13.90
NirvanaMadrid 1992Cd04/12/2020Zip City823564033556€ 13.90
Nitty Gritty Dirt BandNashville 1974Cd08/04/2016All Access823564676326€ 10.90
Offspring (The)Punk Down UnderCd02/06/2017Zip City823564699127€ 13.90
Paul SimonRhymin In Nyc (2 Cd)Cd06/09/2019Left Field Media823564031385€ 14.90
Paul Simon Plus Special GuestsLive.. Rufaro Stadium Harare 1987 (2 Cd)Cd17/08/2018Roxvox5292317213920€ 15.90
Pearl JamOn The BoxCd02/12/2016Zip City823564689920€ 10.90
Pearl JamSpin The Black CircleCd21/08/2015Roxvox5292317101722€ 20.90
Pere UbuLive... Fox Warfield '80Cd11/03/2016Interference5296127001111€ 15.90
Peter Green'S Fleetwood MacOriginal Live Broadcasts 1968Cd01/01/2019London Calling5053792500819€ 11.90
Peter Green's Fleetwood MacStranger Blues (4 Cd)Cd03/09/2020London Calling5053792300334€ 28.90
Peter Green's Fleetwood MacThe 1968 SessionsCd04/09/2020Left Field Media823564033396€ 13.90
PocoLive... Wollman Skating Rink. New York 22Nd August 1975Cd25/10/2019Roxvox5292317215924€ 11.90
PrinceNaked In The Summertime (2 Cd)Cd10/06/2016Hobo823564682525€ 13.90
PrincePurple Rain LiveCd08/06/2018Sonic Boom823564818306€ 13.90
PrinceRock Over Germany 1993 (2Cd)Cd13/08/2021Left Field Media823564034331€ 14.90
QueenMannheim 1986 (2 Cd)Cd05/08/2019Zip City823564031354€ 16.90
QueenRock In RioCd22/11/2019Golden Rain823564031729€ 13.90
Queen Ida & The Bon Temps Zydeco BandLive San Francisco '80Cd01/10/2016Interference5296127002217€ 13.90
R.E.M.Monster Movies (2 Cd)Cd05/07/2019Left Field Media823564031033€ 14.90
R.E.M.Songs For A Green WorldCd06/10/2014Left Field Media823564620923€ 12.90
RainbowOsaka 1978 (2Cd)Cd05/02/2021Left Field Media823564033860€ 14.90
RainbowTaffs And ToffsCd06/12/2019Gossip823564031750€ 13.90
RamonesMy Fathers Place, Ny 20 July 1982 (2 Cd)Cd14/09/2016Roxvox5292317206328€ 16.90
Randy NewmanPeople Dressed Like MonkeysCd02/07/2007Left Field Media823564623924€ 9.90
Red Hot Chili PeppersSantiago SerenadeCd05/05/2017Gossip823564698229€ 13.90
Red Hot Chili PeppersSweet Home San DiegoCd04/11/2016Zip City823564688329€ 10.90
Richie Furay BandMy Fathers Place Roslyn Ny (2 Cd)Cd22/04/2016Roxvox5292317202221€ 21.90
Robert PlantOsaka 1984Cd03/11/2020Iconography823564033686€ 13.90
Roger WatersPros & Cons Of New York (2 Cd)Cd14/07/2017Gossip823564701523€ 14.90
Rolling Stones (The)Riding The WavesCd17/05/2018London Calling5053792501519€ 11.90
Rory GallacherMessin? With The Wrong GuyCd05/01/2021Gossip823564033839€ 13.90
Ry CooderSanta CruzCd29/04/2019Left Field Media823564030746€ 13.90
Ry Cooder & The Chicken Skin RevueSmack Dab In The MiddleCd12/02/2021Hobo823564031880€ 9.90
SantanaNew Year?S Eve 1976Cd02/07/2021Iconography823564034614€ 13.90
SantanaTales Of Kilimanjaro Live (2 Cd)Cd21/08/2015Air Cuts5292317701113€ 21.90
Siouxsie & The BansheesStand On Your HeadsCd02/11/2018Sonic Boom823564870403€ 13.90
Sir Douglas QuintetStockholm Broadcast 1983Cd01/05/2020All Access823564032405€ 13.90
SlayerMonsters Of Rock 1994Cd04/10/2018Hobo823564860800€ 9.90
SlayerPraying To SatanCd11/01/2019Sonic Boom823564890609€ 13.90
Smashing PumpkinsPure AcousticCd07/12/2018Sonic Boom823564880303€ 13.90
Soft MachineParis 1970 (2 Cd)Cd16/04/2021London Calling5053792508419€ 15.90
Sonic YouthRiot In MelbourneCd09/06/2017Sonic Boom823564699929€ 13.90
SpiritSeattle '71 KsiwCd30/10/2015Shady Grove5060446120323€ 9.90
Steve Miller BandNew York 1976Cd23/02/2015Sonic Boom823564645827€ 13.90
Steve Miller BandShake Your TreeCd06/10/2014All Access823564628523€ 10.90
Steve WinwoodOhio High LifeCd05/07/2019All Access823564030982€ 13.90
Stevie NicksStorytellersCd01/11/2019Go Faster Records823564030845€ 13.90
Stevie Ray VaughanSoul To Soul LiveCd27/09/2019Hobo823564030852€ 10.90
Stevie Ray Vaughan / David BowieThe 1983 Rehearsal BroadcastCd04/05/2018All Access823564810706€ 13.90
Stray CatsOn The BoxCd31/01/2018Zip City823564692623€ 12.90
SvtSex Attraction Live... Mabuhay, '80Cd25/03/2016Interference5296127001210€ 15.90
Taj MahalMain Point Bryn Mawr Pa 14th March 1972Cd17/11/2014Echoes5291012200518€ 11.90
Tangerine DreamSomnambulistic Imagery (2 Cd)Cd11/01/2019Left Field Media823564030067€ 16.90
Ten Years AfterThe 1969 BroadcastsCd01/03/2019Left Field Media823564030425€ 13.90
Tom Paxton & Bob GibsonNavy Pier Auditorium Chicago August 1980Cd23/11/2016Klondike5291012505910€ 13.90
Tom PettyOn The BoxCd13/04/2018Zip City823564816302€ 12.90
Tom PettyStrange BehaviourCd09/02/2018Hobo823564813806€ 13.90
Tom Petty & The HeartbreakersMy Kinda Town (2 Cd)Cd09/09/2019Left Field Media823564031484€ 16.90
Tom Petty & The HeartbreakersPsychotic ReactionCd07/04/2017Zip City823564695426€ 12.90
Tom Petty & The HeartbreakersSan Francisco Serenades (3 Cd)Cd01/12/2017Left Field Media823564812106€ 24.90
Tom WaitsSmall Affair In Ohio (A)Cd03/11/2014All Access823564638225€ 9.90
Townes Van Zandt & Guy ClarkLive... Texas '91Cd08/12/2016Klondike5291012507211€ 11.90
V/AMemphis Blues Festival 1975 / Various (2 Cd)Cd17/11/2017Klondike5291012508317€ 16.90
V/ANewport Folk Festival 1989 / Various (3 Cd)Cd17/04/2018Air Cuts5292317806016€ 20.90
Van HalenPasadena 1977Cd09/01/2020Left Field Media823564032078€ 13.90
WarNew York November '92 (2 Cd)Cd06/05/2016Air Cuts5292317802414€ 13.90
Y&TLive... Salinas California 1983Cd13/06/2017Klondike5291012507815€ 11.90
YellowmanRissmillers Resida Ca Sept '82 (2 Cd)Cd14/09/2016Klondike5291012506412€ 16.90
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