A grandissima richiesta: FLOATING WORLD - i 115 titoli migliori a 6.90 / 8.90 euro. Compresi doppi e tripli Cd!

A grandissima richiesta: FLOATING WORLD - i 115 titoli migliori a 6.90 / 8.90 euro. Compresi doppi e tripli Cd!

Si rinnova un appuntamento al quale è difficile resistere.

L'etichetta non è nuova a offerte clamorose ma in questa occasione compaiono per la prima volta titoli inediti, doppi cd e cofanettini tripli

Ristampe curatissime e apprezzatissime dai collezionisti presentate a 6.90 o 8.90 euro cad.

Stock proveniente dall'Inghilterra, disponibile entro 10 giorni salvo capricci doganali

Offerta valida dal 13/02/2021 al 31/03/2021
ArtistaTitoloSupportoData di pubb.GenereEtichettaNr. catalogoNotePrezzo
Al StewartUncorked1 CD01/03/2010Floating World RecordsFREEM5022€ 8.90
Albert KingFillmore East, NY. 19711 CD26/05/2017Floating World RecordsFLOATM6286€ 8.90
Albert KingLive in the '70s1 CD24/11/2014Floating World RecordsFLOATM6241€ 8.90
Allman Brothers BandHell & High Water1 CD28/04/2017Floating World RecordsFLOATM6296€ 8.90
ANDY WHITE21st Century Troubadour1 CD10/04/2012Floating World RecordsFW 037€ 6.90
ANDY WHITEBoy 401 CD30/09/2003Floating World RecordsFW 015€ 6.90
ANDY WHITEGarageband1 CD31/10/2006Floating World RecordsFW 028€ 6.90
ANDY WHITESongwriter1 CD08/09/2009Floating World RecordsFW 034€ 6.90
ASIALive In Germany1 CD02/03/2016Floating World RecordsACA 8178€ 6.90
ASIALive In The Usa1 CD08/04/2008Floating World RecordsACA 8192€ 6.90
ASTRO PUPPEESLittle Chick Tsunami1 CD07/05/2002Floating World RecordsGEL 4046€ 6.90
BIG STARColumbia Live Missouri'931 CD21/08/2007Floating World RecordsACA 8156€ 6.90
Blood, Sweat & TearsIn Concert1 CD10/11/2017Floating World RecordsFLOATM6335€ 8.90
BLUE CHEERWhat Doesn't Kill You...1 CD11/09/2007Floating World RecordsGEL 4112€ 6.90
BOB WELCHGreatest Hits And More1 CD29/07/2008Floating World RecordsACA 8208€ 6.90
BOOTSY COLLINSChristmas Is 4 Ever1 CD31/10/2006Floating World RecordsGEL 4104€ 6.90
BRUTE (WIDESPREAD PANIC)Co-Balt1 CD07/05/2002Floating World RecordsGEL 4051€ 6.90
BUCKINGHAMSMade In Chicago1 CD06/11/2001Floating World RecordsACA 8019€ 6.90
Buddy MillerYour Love and Other Lies/Poison Love2 CD09/04/2012Floating World RecordsFLOATM6132€ 8.90
ByrdsLive at the Fillmore, February 19691 CD31/03/2017Floating World RecordsFLOATM6294€ 8.90
Carly SimonHave You Seen Me Lately?/Letters Never Sent2 CD27/01/2017Floating World RecordsFLOATD6277€ 8.90
CELTUSLive 2000 + 2 BT1 CD06/02/2001Floating World RecordsGEL 4020€ 6.90
DALE BOZZIO & MISSING PERSONSLive From The Danger Zone1 CD29/07/2008Floating World RecordsACA 8207€ 6.90
DeviantsDr. Crow/Chinese Cowboys Live 1987/Pick-up the Phone America3 CD / Box S07/08/2020Floating World RecordsFLOATD6403€ 8.90
Dick DaleTribal Thunder/Unknown Territory2 CD27/02/2012Floating World RecordsFLOATM6135€ 8.90
Dickey Betts & Great SouthernSouthern Rock Jam1 CD24/02/2017Floating World RecordsFLOATM6282€ 8.90
DICKEY BETTS & THE GREAT SOUTHERNAtlanta's Burning/Same1 CD23/08/2005Floating World RecordsACA 8087€ 6.90
Dickey Betts BandPattern Disruptive1 CD08/04/2013Floating World RecordsFLOATM6189€ 8.90
Doug SahmTexas Radio and the Big Beat2 CD02/11/2018Floating World RecordsFLOATD6376€ 8.90
EDGAR WINTERRebel Road1 CD29/07/2008Floating World RecordsGEL 4201€ 6.90
EILEEN ROSEAt Our Tables1 CD11/03/2008Floating World RecordsGEL 4117€ 6.90
Electric FlagOld Glory1 CD24/11/2014Floating World RecordsFLOATM6235€ 8.90
ELLISRiding A Crest Of A Slump1 CD18/04/2006Floating World RecordsACA 8101€ 6.90
ERNIE K-DOEHere Come The Girls1 CD10/02/2009Floating World RecordsACA 9004€ 6.90
FIRESIGN THEATREDon't Crush Taht Dwarf...1 CD09/10/2001Floating World RecordsACA 8018€ 6.90
Flying Burrito BrothersAirborne/Flying Again1 CD24/08/2018Floating World RecordsFLOATM6360€ 8.90
FREDDIE SCOTTBrand New Man1 CD02/05/2001Floating World RecordsGEL 4021€ 6.90
Gary Moore BandGrinding Stone1 CD07/07/2017Floating World RecordsFLOATM6311€ 8.90
GARY WRIGHTHuman Love1 CD12/06/2007Floating World RecordsACA 8151€ 6.90
GARY WRIGHT (CD+DVD) FEA.G.HARRISONFirst Signs Of Life2 CD12/06/2007Floating World RecordsACA 8153€ 6.90
GO GO MARKET (CHUCK PROPHET)Hotel San Jose'1 CD22/05/2002Floating World RecordsGEL 4043€ 6.90
Gov't MuleBest of the Capricorn Years2 CD03/12/2012Floating World RecordsFLOATM6170€ 8.90
Gov't MuleGov't Mule1 CD12/03/2012Floating World RecordsFLOATM6140€ 8.90
Gregg AllmanNo Stranger to the Dark1 CD29/07/2016Floating World RecordsFLOATM6267€ 8.90
Gregg Allman BandI'm No Angel/Just Before the Bullets Fly2 CD15/06/2015Floating World RecordsFLOATD6246€ 8.90
HAMELL ON TRIALMercuroyale1 CD08/10/2002Floating World RecordsGEL 4056€ 6.90
HAMMELL ON TRIALEd's Not Dead---Hammell..1 CD29/01/2002Floating World RecordsGEL 4038€ 6.90
HOODOO GURUSMach Schau1 CD05/10/2004Floating World RecordsGEL 4082€ 6.90
HOT TUNAPair A Dice Found1 CD31/10/2006Floating World RecordsACA 8124€ 6.90
HOYT AXTONMy Griffin Is Gone1 CD29/08/2006Floating World RecordsACA 8117€ 6.90
Hugh Hopper and Lisa S KlossnerDifferent1 CD12/04/1999Floating World RecordsBP303CD€ 8.90
IAN HUNTERShrunken Heads1 CD05/06/2007Floating World RecordsJERK 9€ 6.90
IVAN NEVILLEScrape1 CD02/03/2004Floating World RecordsGEL 4072€ 6.90
JACK BRUCEA Question Of Time1 CD10/07/2007Floating World RecordsACA 8155€ 6.90
JACKSHITSame1 CD09/07/2002Floating World RecordsGEL 4053€ 6.90
JAN MCLAGAN & THE BUMP BANDExtra Live1 CD13/12/2005Floating World RecordsGEL 4095€ 6.90
Jefferson AirplaneSweeping Up the Spotlight1 CD07/06/2019Floating World RecordsFLOATM6394€ 8.90
JEFFERSON STARSHIPJefferson's Tree Liberty1 CD02/09/2008Floating World RecordsGEL 4122€ 6.90
JIM KREMENSSpun1 CD07/05/2002Floating World RecordsGEL 4041€ 6.90
Joe WalshOrdinary Average Guy/Songs for a Dying Planet2 CD22/10/2012Floating World RecordsFLOATM6164€ 8.90
JOHN LEE HOOKER & EARL HOOKERFamily Matters1 CD07/10/2008Floating World RecordsACA 9001€ 6.90
Johnny and Edgar WinterBrothers in Rock 'N' Roll1 CD24/02/2017Floating World RecordsFLOATM6284€ 8.90
Leslie WestElectric Ladyland Studios 19752 CD27/02/2012Floating World RecordsVPTMQ052CD€ 8.90
Little Bob StoryThe Collection2 CD24/08/2018Floating World RecordsFLOATD6359€ 8.90
Little FeatAin't Had Enough Fun1 CD07/06/2019Floating World RecordsFLOATM6395€ 8.90
Little FeatLive from Neon Park2 CD29/06/2018Floating World RecordsFLOATM6353€ 8.90
Loading ZoneThe Loading Zone1 CD10/11/2017Floating World RecordsFLOATM6320€ 8.90
LOS STRAITJACKETSSing Along Feat.D.Alvin1 CD18/09/2001Floating World RecordsGEL 4031€ 6.90
MARC CARROLLTen Of Swords1 CD08/10/2002Floating World RecordsGEL 4055€ 6.90
MARC CARROLLWorld On A Wire1 CD01/02/2005Floating World RecordsGEL 4088€ 6.90
MARK PICKEREL & HIS PRAYING HANDSSnake In The Radio1 CD15/05/2006Floating World RecordsGEL 4097€ 6.90
MARY COUGHLANLong Honeymoon1 CD10/04/2001Floating World RecordsGEL 4014€ 6.90
METON, LEAVY & THE DEY BROTHERSSame1 CD06/11/2001Floating World RecordsACA 8020€ 6.90
MICKY MOODYDon't Blame Me1 CD31/10/2006Floating World RecordsGPA 2001€ 6.90
New Riders of the Purple SageThe Best Of1 CD27/04/2018Floating World RecordsFLOATM6346€ 8.90
Nils Lofgren and GrinGrin/Grin II/All Out2 CD23/09/2016Floating World RecordsFLOATD6268€ 8.90
OutlawsLady in Waiting1 CD09/03/2018Floating World RecordsFLOATM6351€ 8.90
OutlawsLos Hombres Malo/In the Eye of the Storm1 CD10/11/2017Floating World RecordsFLOATM6316€ 8.90
OutlawsPlayin' to Win/Ghost Riders1 CD21/07/2014Floating World RecordsFLOATM6219€ 8.90
PAT MCLAUGHLINUncle Pat1 CD09/07/2002Floating World RecordsGEL 4049€ 6.90
Paul KantnerVenusian Love Songs2 CD31/03/2017Floating World RecordsFLOATD6293€ 8.90
PHIL FRIENDLY & ALBERT LEECalifornia Rockin'1 CD07/10/2008Floating World RecordsGEL 4124€ 6.90
Pink FairiesThe Polydor Collection3 CD01/03/2019Floating World RecordsFLOATD6390€ 8.90
PocoThe Forgotten Trail2 CD27/10/2014Floating World RecordsFLOATD6229€ 8.90
Quicksilver Messenger ServiceReunion2 CD21/07/2014Floating World RecordsBEARVP111CD€ 8.90
RICHARD LLOYDThe Cover Doesn't Matter1 CD18/04/2001Floating World RecordsGEL 4023€ 6.90
RICHARD LLOYDThe Radiant Monkey1 CD16/10/2007Floating World RecordsGEL 4113€ 6.90
Rick DankoDouble Live2 CD02/11/2018Floating World RecordsFLOATM6381€ 8.90
Robert WyattA Short Break1 CD29/07/2013Floating World RecordsVP108CD€ 8.90
ROWAN BROTHERSCrazy People1 CD09/07/2002Floating World RecordsGEL 4050€ 6.90
SID HILLMAN QUARTETVolume Two1 CD29/01/2002Floating World RecordsGEL 4037€ 6.90
Soft MachineMan in a Deaf Corner2 CD13/11/2015Floating World RecordsFLOATD6254€ 8.90
Soft MachineTurns On2 CD19/05/2014Floating World RecordsFLOATD6217€ 8.90
SORENTINOSThe End Of The Day1 CD09/10/2001Floating World RecordsTINO 2007€ 6.90
Southside JohnnyJukes! New Jersey Collection3 CD11/07/2011Floating World RecordsACAD8213€ 8.90
SPENCER DAVISSo Far1 CD23/09/2008Floating World RecordsGEL 4123€ 6.90
SPIRITBlues From The Soul1 CD17/03/2009Floating World RecordsACA 8215€ 6.90
Sutherland BrothersLifeboat/Night Comes Down1 CD24/08/2018Floating World RecordsFLOATM6366€ 8.90
SYL JOHNSON & JIMMY JOHNSONTwo Johnsons Are Better..1 CD24/07/2001Floating World RecordsGEL 4028€ 6.90
Taj MahalLike Never Before/Dancing the Blues2 CD28/04/2017Floating World RecordsFLOATD6292€ 8.90
TEX MEX EXPERIENCESame1 CD20/05/2008Floating World RecordsGEL 4118€ 6.90
TIM HINKLEY FEAT. DAN PENNA Little Bit Of Soul1 CD10/02/2009Floating World RecordsACA 8217€ 6.90
Todd Rundgren's UtopiaLive at Hammersmith Odeon1 CD09/07/2012Floating World RecordsFLOATM6154€ 8.90
TOM OVANSGet On Board1 CD06/10/2009Floating World RecordsFW 036€ 6.90
TOM OVANSParty Girl1 CD16/10/2007Floating World RecordsFW 032€ 6.90
TOM OVANSStill In This World1 CD30/01/2001Floating World RecordsGEL 4019€ 6.90
TOM OVANSTombstone Boys, Graveyard1 CD27/05/2003Floating World RecordsFW 021€ 6.90
Townes Van ZandtDown Home and Abroad2 CD02/11/2018Floating World RecordsFLOATD6377€ 8.90
TRACY NELSONEbony & Irony1 CD23/04/2001Floating World RecordsGEL 4017€ 6.90
TRANSLATORThe Collection1 CD10/07/2007Floating World RecordsACA 8154€ 6.90
TROY CAMPBELLAmerican Breakdown1 CD07/05/2002Floating World RecordsGEL 4044€ 6.90
Westbrook TrioL'ascenseur/The Lift1 CD03/12/2012Floating World RecordsJPVP130CD€ 8.90
Westbrook TrioThree Into Wonderful1 CD03/12/2012Floating World RecordsVP557CD€ 8.90
WET WILLIE BANDHigh Humidity Live Tipit.1 CD14/10/2008Floating World RecordsACA 9002€ 6.90
ZZ TopAntenna1 CD10/11/2017Floating World RecordsFLOATM6329€ 8.90
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